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Welcome to Scilab 6.0.0-alpha-2

Scilab 6.0 is a major new release of Scilab, the open source platform for numerical computation. This 6.0.0-alpha-2 release, is a preview for developers, partners and community evaluation.

As an alpha, this release is not yet ready for production usage. If you are new to Scilab, or if you are simply a user of Scilab, you should probably continue using the 5.5.2 release, and wait for a beta version before trying the 6 family.

However, if you have already developed code on Scilab, or if you are an experienced user, then you should start looking at this release. Please try the work you have done on earlier releases of Scilab with this version: checking for compatibility may save you time later. If you find bugs or incompatibilities, please report them on our Bug Tracker: this will help get a better product, faster, which ultimately will be benefit you too.

What's new in Scilab 6.0

This release includes a major rewrite of Scilab's internal core. The changes to the visible aspects of the software are limited.

The first big internal change, is a complete new language parser and interpreter, with the following changes:

The language changes are not all backward-compatible. You will have to update your scripts/programs/modules, but it will be very simple in pretty much all cases. In particular, the following changes may require modifications to existing code:

The second big internal change, is the ability to manipulate bigger data sets, without exhausting system resources. This includes in particular:

These changes enable additional functionalities; some of them were added in the alpha-2 release:

Main limitations

Several important parts of the platform are not functional in this alpha:

Platform-specific limitations

All other functionalities of Scilab are present on all platforms, with a few exceptions:

Complete changelog

For a more complete list of changes between the 5.5.2 release and the 6.0.0 alpha-1 and alpha-2 releases, please see the CHANGES_6.0.X file at the root of the installation.

Documentations and help

This help is also available at

If you are new to Scilab, please use the Scilab beginners tutorial and Xcos beginners tutorial provided by Scilab Enterprises.

Scilab Enterprises provides also some documentation and tutorials.

Other resources

Scilab Homepage - Consult Scilab official website

Wiki - Consult documentations, tricks, etc.

Bug Tracker - Report bugs and wishes about Scilab

Forge - Browse and publish Scilab modules

Mailing Lists - Communicate and exchange with the community

ATOMS - Browse Scilab packaged modules

File Exchange - Exchange your scripts, results and files.

Scilab Enterprises - Professional services, developments and support on Scilab.