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Welcome to Scilab 6.1

Scilab 6.1 is a major new release of Scilab, the open-source platform for numerical computation.

Here is a tour of the changes between Scilab 6.0.2, & 6.1.0.

Main new features

In summary, the main new features are:

Feature changes and additions

Help pages

Bug fixes

In this version, extra effort has been expended on bug fixing and stabilization. Detailed information about those improvements can be found on the CHANGES file.

Documentation and help

If you are new to Scilab, please use the Scilab beginners tutorial and Xcos beginners tutorial provided by the Scilab Team.

The Scilab Team provides also some documentation and tutorials.

Other resources

Scilab Homepage - Consult Scilab official website

Wiki - Consult documentations, tricks, etc.

Bug Tracker - Report bugs and wishes about Scilab

Forge - Browse and publish Scilab modules

Mailing Lists - Communicate and exchange with the community

ATOMS - Browse Scilab packaged modules

File Exchange - Exchange your scripts, results and files.