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[scilab.git] / scilab / .gitignore
2010-06-22 Sylvestre Ledru Ignore some swig generated files which are not used... 48/1048/4
2010-06-21 Allan CORNET update .iss ui_data + vs 2010 compatibility ui_data... 60/1060/1
2010-05-21 Allan CORNET VS 2010 files are temp. ignored 86/686/2
2010-04-07 Allan CORNET update .gitignore
2010-04-07 Allan CORNET add types.iss
2010-03-04 Sylvestre Ledru Comment fixed
2010-02-05 Allan CORNET ignore some .isl
2009-11-03 Allan CORNET ignore inno setup file
2009-10-19 Allan CORNET ignore some generated .isl (windows)
2009-10-12 Pierre MARECHAL GIT: Ignore *.loT files
2009-09-30 Allan CORNET SEP 35 headers exported (Windows)
2009-08-05 Allan CORNET .atoms in .gitignore
2009-07-09 Allan CORNET update minor version as version.h (SCI_VERSION_MINOR)
2009-06-19 Allan CORNET update ignore files (windows)
2009-06-19 Allan CORNET ignore file used by innosetup
2009-06-16 Allan CORNET add ignore .isl file (innosetup)
2009-04-03 Pierre MARECHAL GIT : Ignore scilab-cli-bin
2008-11-27 Allan CORNET not exclude .java only /java
2008-11-18 Allan CORNET bug 3775
2008-11-12 Allan CORNET Merge branch 'master' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab
2008-11-12 Pierre MARECHAL Don't ignore all .dat
2008-11-12 Allan CORNET PVM for windows TO DO fix x64 & segfault
2008-10-28 Allan CORNET .gitignore F2C (Windows)
2008-10-27 Allan CORNET .gitignore F2C generated files (first step)
2008-10-27 Allan CORNET .gitignore F2C generated files (first step)
2008-10-27 Allan CORNET .gitignore VTune directories
2008-10-27 Pierre MARECHAL Update gitignore file
2008-10-26 Pierre MARECHAL Ignore .svn directories
2008-10-21 Allan CORNET bug 3679
2008-10-20 Allan CORNET bug 3673
2008-10-17 Allan CORNET Merge branch 'master' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab
2008-10-17 Allan CORNET git ignore (windows files)
2008-10-17 Vincent COUVERT With wildcards
2008-10-17 Vincent COUVERT Add doc generation output files
2008-10-17 Bruno JOFRET ignore thirdparty
2008-10-17 Bruno JOFRET ignore jar and build directory