Update of the test
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2008-08-20 Sylvestre Ledru List of contributors + switch to UTF8
2008-06-13 Serge Steer first update for scilab 5
2006-05-04 Allan Cornet runemacs.c not used
2006-05-04 Serge Steer PDE palette added
2006-02-10 Pierre Marechal Bad web link about Tknotepad fixed
2006-01-24 Serge Steer references added to Scipad, sciGUI added
2005-06-28 Francois Vogel Typo
2005-06-27 Serge Steer sun directory renamed os_specific
2005-03-15 Allan Cornet Introduce new TCL interface on Linux & Windows
2003-02-05 Serge Steer mise ajour 2.7
2002-07-12 Serge Steer merge version educ nat
2001-04-26 Scilab Initial revision