Load libscilab instead of libscitypes. Avoid a stupid dependency.
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / Makefile.am
2012-01-13 Sylvestre Ledru Load libscilab instead of libscitypes. Avoid a stupid... 17/5917/3
2012-01-02 Vincent COUVERT Fix binary versions for Linux and Mac OS after coderevi... 87/5787/1
2011-12-29 Sylvestre Ledru Fix the order of the lib ... (we will have to dig... 79/5779/2
2011-12-29 Sylvestre Ledru Introduce a new module called prebuildjava which will... 02/5702/11
2011-12-27 Bruno JOFRET Revert "Avoid multiple definition lib.la vs. lib-disabl... 53/5753/1
2011-12-27 Bruno JOFRET Avoid multiple definition lib.la vs. lib-disable.la 52/5752/1
2011-12-13 Sylvestre Ledru Call_scilab should be available as an external lib 28/5628/4
2011-11-22 Allan CORNET move texmacs as ATOMS module 85/5385/2
2011-11-21 Allan CORNET maple2scilab module moved as ATOMS module 83/5383/2
2011-11-21 Sylvestre Ledru * Under GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, Scilab startup speed... 88/5388/3
2011-09-27 Sylvestre Ledru * Under GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, for each module, get... 28/5028/3
2011-08-10 Calixte DENIZET Add module xml 91/4691/2
2011-08-05 Allan CORNET PVM moved as ATOMS module atomsInstall('PVM') 52/4652/8
2011-07-26 Allan CORNET merge shell and console modules in console module 86/4586/5
2011-03-04 Sylvestre Ledru * Option --without-scicos renamed to --without-xcos 98/3298/3
2011-02-21 Sylvestre Ledru Files never updated, therefore outdated and useless 93/3193/2
2010-11-04 Allan CORNET libscixcos loaded only when we load dynamic lib and... 07/2407/2
2010-11-04 Sylvestre Ledru Bug 6942 removed: Drop the dependency on tcl/tk in... 04/2204/6
2010-10-08 Bernard HUGUENEY partial fix bug 7970 56/2156/4
2010-09-13 Bruno JOFRET Allow ./configure --without-gui --without-javasci ... 94/1894/2
2010-09-03 Sylvestre Ledru * Create a java core library with the main scilab java... 88/1788/8
2010-08-19 Calixte DENIZET Bug 7625 fixed: the selection in console disappeared... 27/1627/7
2010-08-19 Allan CORNET commons modules (work in progress) 90/1290/6
2010-07-01 Allan CORNET template module history_browser 04/1204/16
2010-06-23 Pierre MARECHAL SciNotes: Fix unix Makefiles 92/1092/2
2010-06-23 Allan CORNET rename xpad --> scinotes 86/1086/3
2010-06-18 Bruno JOFRET Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into editvar 41/1041/2
2010-06-15 Allan CORNET modules_manager module 19/1019/2
2010-05-27 Bernard HUGUENEY module parallel gateway (dynamic load) 43/743/6
2010-05-21 Bruno JOFRET Fix dependencies : 03/703/2
2010-05-20 Bruno JOFRET Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into editvar 91/691/1
2010-05-10 Bruno JOFRET Move command queue management to core. Action_bindings... 16/516/7
2010-05-04 Yann Collette add a new api to create / get parameters list 12/312/20
2010-04-14 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/5.2' 73/73/1
2010-04-14 Sylvestre Ledru Move the load of the jar files straight into the graphi... 70/70/2
2010-04-13 Sylvestre Ledru Merge remote branch 'origin/5.2' 67/67/1
2010-04-13 Sylvestre Ledru Switch the build order between gui and jvm. The GUI... 63/63/2
2010-04-06 Allan CORNET types module (to do update makefile)
2010-03-26 Sylvestre Ledru No longer build libscirenderer-disable.la (useless...
2010-03-05 Allan CORNET merge with master (to do: update makefiles)
2010-03-03 Allan CORNET add graph module build
2010-02-26 Sylvestre Ledru No longer build libscirenderer-disable.la (useless...
2010-02-10 Allan CORNET update makefiles for ui_data module
2009-12-15 Sylvestre Ledru only link against these libraries when the hdf5 module...
2009-12-13 Sylvestre Ledru Better management of the library changes of bug #5481
2009-12-11 Sylvestre Ledru Revert "Missing bug fixed in the CHANGES"
2009-12-11 Sylvestre Ledru Missing bug fixed in the CHANGES
2009-10-21 Allan CORNET disable metanet
2009-10-14 Allan CORNET Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into Xcos
2009-10-14 Sylvestre Ledru Separated mandatory libs from the one loaded dynamically
2009-10-08 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/master' into Xcos
2009-10-07 Allan CORNET bug 4852
2009-09-14 Sylvestre Ledru Regenerate configure / makefiles
2009-09-11 Bruno JOFRET Merge commit 'origin/master' into Xcos
2009-09-10 Sylvestre Ledru Use no-gui when --without-gui is used
2009-07-28 Allan CORNET xcos module
2009-07-28 Allan CORNET xpad module
2009-07-15 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/master' into atoms
2009-07-10 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/master' into atoms
2009-07-10 Allan CORNET hdf5 module (windows)
2009-07-07 Allan CORNET bye bye scilab2fortran
2009-07-07 Allan CORNET api_scilab module
2009-05-18 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/master' into atoms
2009-05-11 Allan CORNET add functions module (link)(2)
2009-05-11 Allan CORNET add functions module (link)
2009-04-02 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into atoms
2009-03-18 Sylvestre Ledru Instead of having only lib called libscilab
2009-03-18 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into atoms
2009-03-18 Sylvestre Ledru Merge branch 'master' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab
2009-03-08 Sylvestre Ledru Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/5.1' into atoms
2009-03-04 Sylvestre Ledru No longer include lapack ...
2009-03-04 Allan CORNET Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/5.1' modules/core...
2009-03-04 Sylvestre Ledru Build call_scilab
2009-01-29 Antoine ELIAS change compilation order
2008-11-24 Allan CORNET completion before console
2008-11-24 Allan CORNET update makefile (linux)
2008-11-19 Sylvestre Ledru Merge branch 'master' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab...
2008-11-19 Delphine Gasc Go into the atoms module
2008-11-18 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Compile localization before renderer to be able to...
2008-10-29 Sylvestre Ledru Explicit link against the lib
2008-10-11 Sylvestre Ledru Comments
2008-10-07 Sylvestre Ledru provide check-code target to use splint
2008-09-26 Allan Cornet interpolation, statistics, signal_processing are loaded...
2008-09-10 Bruno Jofret Why so serious ? Bug disappear...
2008-09-10 Bruno Jofret Magical Bug FIX
2008-07-28 Vincent Couvert Change compilation order
2008-07-28 Sylvestre Ledru Some code factorisation ... default ant target is now...
2008-07-18 Sylvestre Ledru * No longer explicitly link against lib which should...
2008-07-10 Sylvestre Ledru Syntax update and testing stuff removed
2008-07-10 Sylvestre Ledru Compilation fixed
2008-07-09 Sylvestre Ledru make install manages also other extension on demand...
2008-07-08 Sylvestre Ledru Not yet used
2008-06-11 Allan Cornet disables 'others' module
2008-06-06 Sylvestre Ledru Switch in the compilation order
2008-04-29 Sylvestre Ledru Beginning of the management of a static compilation...
2008-04-18 Sylvestre Ledru Change in the order
2008-04-15 Sylvestre Ledru Duplicate declaration of fftw
2008-04-10 Vincent Couvert Move matio interface from compatibility_functions to...
2008-04-10 Vincent Couvert First version of MATIO interface.
2008-03-28 Pierre Marechal remove bad characters