api_scilab: fix memory leak on SciErr structs
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / api_scilab / includes / api_common.h
2013-04-09 Simon Marchetto api_scilab: fix memory leak on SciErr structs 53/10953/3
2012-12-18 Antoine ELIAS add api functions to manage double as integer 48/10048/1
2012-09-19 Antoine ELIAS add api functions to manage double as integer 59/9059/3
2012-08-02 Antoine ELIAS add context argument to api_scilab macros nbxxxArgument... 94/8494/2
2012-07-26 Antoine ELIAS Bug #11046 fixed - Sometimes, OverLoad(0) did not calle... 29/8329/3
2012-06-07 Antoine ELIAS add deleteNamedVariable in Scilab API 97/7397/4
2012-05-14 Sylvestre Ledru * Rename inputArgument => nbInputArgument (idem for... 29/7129/3
2012-02-27 Allan CORNET warning windows (cast) 50/6450/1
2012-02-23 Antoine ELIAS prepare api_scilab to Scilab 6 65/6365/4
2010-10-26 Artem GLEBOV added const modifier to variable name arguments in... 03/2303/6
2010-09-28 Artem GLEBOV refined comments in api_common.h (module api_scilab) 90/2090/3
2010-03-04 Allan CORNET fix declaration
2010-01-22 antoine ELIAS add shortcut functions in API scilab
2010-01-15 antoine ELIAS add api functions
2010-01-07 antoine ELIAS add some 'shortcut' functions in scilab api
2009-10-27 Sylvestre Ledru Rename of the structure StrErr => SciErr for something...
2009-10-08 antoine ELIAS linux compilation
2009-10-06 antoine ELIAS add Scilab context parameter in API functions
2009-10-06 antoine ELIAS change msg stack size from 1024 to 10
2009-10-04 Sylvestre Ledru Doxygen documentation
2009-10-02 antoine ELIAS master with master
2009-10-02 antoine ELIAS add error handling in api_scilab, add uint management...
2009-10-02 Allan CORNET SEP 35 (windows)
2009-08-19 antoine ELIAS prepare to C++ api
2009-08-11 Allan CORNET use getNamedVarDimension
2009-08-11 Allan CORNET add functions to access by name
2009-08-03 Allan CORNET get type from name
2009-07-30 antoine ELIAS add some useful functions
2009-07-08 Allan CORNET better way to do dll on windows
2009-07-07 Allan CORNET api_scilab module