Bug 3643 fixed, mtlb_eig is now obsolete
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / compatibility_functions / compatibility_functions.iss
2008-04-11 Allan Cornet disable *.h
2008-04-10 Allan Cornet update .iss
2008-04-10 Allan Cornet add files in .iss
2008-04-08 Allan Cornet remove *.htm (commented) in .iss
2008-03-14 Allan Cornet disables .htm in .iss
2008-02-15 Vincent Couvert CeCILL license headers
2008-01-31 Sylvestre Ledru licence.txt => license.txt
2008-01-08 Allan Cornet update innosetup script
2007-12-04 Allan Cornet update .iss (tests directory)
2007-11-28 Allan Cornet add unit_tests and nonreg_tests
2007-11-12 Pierre Marechal removechapter.sce is no more needed
2007-10-24 Allan Cornet remove ref to locales\*\*.xml
2007-10-08 Allan Cornet add a feature to re-build only a scilab macros library
2007-09-25 Allan Cornet rename languages to locales directories
2007-04-12 Allan Cornet update .iss (VERSION.xml)
2007-04-02 Allan Cornet update .iss (localization)
2007-03-07 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2007-03-06 Allan Cornet rename compatibility_fctslib to compatibility_functilib...
2007-03-06 Vincent Couvert compatibility_functions modules creation (from function...