Bug 3643 fixed, mtlb_eig is now obsolete
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / compatibility_functions / tests /
2009-01-26 Vincent COUVERT This test requires English
2009-01-26 Vincent COUVERT Bug 4009 fixed
2009-01-08 Pierre MARECHAL Remove obsolete function mtlb_save() (Please use savema...
2009-01-08 Michaƫl Baudin Created compatibility function mtlb_var for bug #3627
2008-08-22 Pierre Marechal Fix references
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp fix bug_577.tst (compatibility_functions)
2008-08-14 Simon Lipp fix test bug_577 (compatibility_functions)
2008-07-15 Allan Cornet update tests & ref
2008-07-02 Pierre Marechal Fix bug 3065
2008-04-29 Vincent Couvert Update test and create ref
2008-04-29 Vincent Couvert This test is not interactive
2008-04-29 Vincent Couvert Remove debug message from ref
2008-04-29 Vincent Couvert Add license header in the ref file
2008-04-15 Allan Cornet update bug_1227
2008-04-14 Pierre Marechal Add references
2008-04-11 Pierre Marechal Add references
2008-04-10 Pierre Marechal Update bugzilla URL
2008-03-18 Vincent Couvert Non regression test file for bug 133
2008-02-17 Pierre Marechal Add license header (tests)
2008-02-14 Pierre Marechal - Fix bug into test_run
2008-02-07 Pierre Marechal This is an interactive test
2008-01-10 Pierre Marechal Add references
2007-12-03 Pierre Marechal tests reorganization :