Added Scilab function runVMKit to be used to change how the AST is visited.
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / core / src / cpp / scilab.cpp
2013-05-28 Peter Senna Tschudin Added Scilab function runVMKit to be used to change...
2013-05-24 Peter Senna Tschudin Fixed bug when DEBUG is defined. Should this be applied...
2013-05-06 Peter Senna Tschudin Initial integration with VMKit. See: README_VMKit
2013-03-04 Cedric Delamarre function typename added. 78/10678/3
2013-01-28 Sylvestre Ledru Avoid the C++ mangling issue by moving the declaration... 33/10333/1
2013-01-09 Sylvestre Ledru SCI_DISABLE_EXCEPTION_CATCHING should be available... 61/10161/1
2013-01-07 Sylvestre Ledru Bring back the same behavior in Scilab 6 as it is in... 78/10078/2
2012-11-06 Sylvestre Ledru Declare locale functions as static 85/9485/2
2012-10-26 Antoine ELIAS fix prompt trouble between control structure and pause... 41/9541/2
2012-10-20 Cedric Delamarre %e added. 50/9450/3
2012-07-24 Sylvestre Ledru * Set back the FPU configuration * fix scilab-cli ... 67/8267/2
2012-07-23 Antoine ELIAS add format function and rewrite toString function for... 98/6798/4
2012-07-23 Sylvestre Ledru Replug the check of the linker error 26/8226/3
2012-07-19 Vincent COUVERT Fix Windows compilation after 00/8200/2
2012-07-18 Sylvestre Ledru When building a minimal Scilab, disable scilab ... 51/8151/2
2012-03-07 Antoine ELIAS initConsoleMode does not work on Windows 19/6619/1
2012-03-07 Antoine ELIAS Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/maste... 98/6598/3
2012-02-01 Antoine ELIAS add flag in ConfigVarialbe to know if scilab init is... 26/6126/2
2012-01-31 Antoine ELIAS Scilab mode will be 0 during the start up and will... 13/6113/2
2012-01-16 Bruno JOFRET Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into YaSp 06/5906/5
2012-01-11 Antoine ELIAS adding sparse management via Eigen library 58/5858/3
2011-09-19 Bruno JOFRET Add --exec-verbose option to display command before... 03/4403/4
2011-09-09 Antoine ELIAS rename YaspRead/Write functions and files in scilabRead... 42/4742/9
2011-07-27 Allan CORNET Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/maste... 13/4613/3
2011-07-25 Antoine ELIAS fix .start and .quit modules scripts, add call to ... 11/4511/4
2011-07-25 Cedric Delamarre History manager added. 36/4436/5
2011-07-19 Antoine ELIAS add sciargs function 01/4501/4
2011-07-12 Cedric Delamarre %eps added. 42/4342/4
2011-06-27 Antoine ELIAS fix trouble around mode function during exec function... 28/4328/1
2011-06-09 cedric Delamarre Check the file ID in mclose, meof, mseek and mtell... 73/3873/11
2011-04-27 Bruno JOFRET Remove TMPDIR before exiting. 96/3896/1
2011-04-06 Bruno JOFRET Enable --parse-file option to allow sole parser test. 16/3716/2
2011-03-28 Antoine ELIAS Refactoring of ScilabException in AST, exec, execstr. 62/3662/1
2011-03-10 Bruno JOFRET pause / resume / abort Implementation. 79/3479/7
2011-03-08 Antoine ELIAS delete symbol in ast exp, no longer used *new for symbo... 56/3456/3
2011-03-08 Antoine ELIAS re use Symbol in AST, parser and context 98/3398/5
2011-02-25 Bruno JOFRET Refactoring types templates. 71/3271/2
2011-02-24 Antoine ELIAS template and multi dimension 89/3089/12
2010-12-20 Bruno JOFRET Clean includes. 94/2794/3
2010-12-14 Antoine ELIAS diary, exec, mode management 95/2695/7
2010-12-08 Bruno JOFRET Flatten namespaces 19/2719/1
2010-11-26 Antoine ELIAS missing condition 15/2615/1
2010-11-26 Antoine ELIAS add try/catch for -e and -f option 14/2614/2
2010-11-26 Antoine ELIAS manage command line option -nb and -e 11/2611/3
2010-11-17 Antoine ELIAS change way to parse/execute from -f option to allow... 77/2477/2
2010-11-10 Antoine ELIAS improve error management in exec and execstr functions 34/2434/1
2010-10-29 Bruno JOFRET Launch Execution in a dedicated thread 74/2374/2
2010-10-12 antoine ELIAS mute -f execution 75/2275/3
2010-10-11 Bruno JOFRET Add --parse-trace option with -f 61/2261/2
2010-10-11 Bruno JOFRET another one bites the dots ... 15/2215/3
2010-10-11 Bruno JOFRET Revert "Move types size to size_t" 66/2266/1
2010-10-07 Bruno JOFRET Move types size to size_t 69/2169/3
2010-08-06 antoine ELIAS mgetl and mputl 53/1553/2
2010-07-19 antoine ELIAS move getCommentDateSession.h to includes 75/1375/2
2010-07-19 Bruno JOFRET Enable starting comment session + Application menu 74/1374/1
2010-07-15 antoine ELIAS convert char to wchar_t 09/1309/8
2010-07-09 antoine ELIAS rewrite size function, add getscilabmode function and... 45/1245/3
2010-06-18 Bruno JOFRET Add WithinBlockComment in parser control status. 37/1037/1
2010-06-14 antoine ELIAS add format and console width in ConfigVariable class... 11/1011/3
2010-06-11 Bruno JOFRET Allow multi-line cell declaration 86/986/1
2010-06-10 antoine ELIAS rewrite, replace and plug SCI and SCIHOME management... 31/931/10
2010-06-09 Bruno JOFRET Kill OriginalVisitor and ConditionVisitor 43/943/2
2010-06-08 Bruno JOFRET quit & exit now use ConfigVariable 78/878/2
2010-06-07 Bruno JOFRET Add Scilab banner function. Remove old implementation. 70/870/7
2010-06-07 antoine ELIAS rewrite ConfigVariable 71/871/2
2010-06-07 Bruno JOFRET Parser is no more singleton 52/852/2
2010-06-04 Bruno JOFRET Add 2 process for scilab-adv-cli and scilab-cli using... 56/856/2
2010-06-03 antoine ELIAS macros build and load at startup 40/840/2
2010-05-26 Bruno JOFRET Need to sperate -nwni and -nw mode 59/759/4
2010-05-18 Bruno JOFRET Enable MacOSX init for having YaSp GUI console working 35/635/2
2010-04-21 Bruno JOFRET Free tree after execution no matter what kind of task... 93/193/1
2010-04-20 Bruno JOFRET Change options name, update launch script 69/169/1
2010-04-15 antoine ELIAS add SCI variable 12/112/1
2010-03-30 antoine ELIAS add originalvisitor calls
2010-03-30 antoine ELIAS windows compilation
2010-03-30 antoine ELIAS Merge branch 'YaSp' of into YaSp
2010-03-30 antoine ELIAS add original visitor ( without template ), sorts includ...
2010-03-29 Bruno JOFRET Enable history
2010-03-29 Bruno JOFRET Add WithinSwitch / WithinOtherwise state
2010-03-26 antoine ELIAS add runvisitor hierarchy
2010-03-24 antoine ELIAS free all variables before close scope
2010-03-12 antoine ELIAS Merge branch 'YaSp' of into YaSp
2010-03-12 antoine ELIAS replace Symbol from scope map by std::string
2010-03-12 Antoine ELIAS remove multiple InitializeLocalization and prompt manag...
2010-03-02 antoine ELIAS better prompt management
2010-03-02 Bruno JOFRET Enable stateView to show in which control structure...
2010-02-18 antoine ELIAS uniformize console and terminal output, start functions...
2010-01-13 Bruno JOFRET Calling YaspRead twice is not a clever idea
2010-01-08 Bruno JOFRET Add BIG banner for people mixing scilab versions like...
2009-09-24 antoine ELIAS rewrite genlib and load, add parser controlstatus
2009-09-08 antoine ELIAS some changes about variables references, add ReturnExp...
2009-08-26 antoine ELIAS Lhs != 1, fake stack, macro function call and start...
2009-07-31 Bruno JOFRET Add missing include
2009-07-31 antoine ELIAS windows compilation
2009-07-28 Bruno JOFRET Enable Java console & term console at once
2009-07-28 Bruno JOFRET Check some Control status
2009-03-11 Bruno JOFRET Importing SCI under Linux
2009-03-06 unknown add localization under windows, fix some vcproj include...
2009-03-03 Antoine ELIAS fix delete bug on execvisitor and some memory leaks
2009-03-02 Antoine ELIAS merge