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2011-05-10 Sylvestre Ledru Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3' 89/3989/1
2011-04-19 Allan CORNET bug 7061 fixed - changelog.txt, readme.txt, version... 46/3846/3
2011-04-15 Sylvestre Ledru * Under GNU/Linux, in case of an internal (C, C++ or... 77/3777/8
2011-03-17 Sylvestre Ledru * Under GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, all modules build as... 44/2844/5
2011-03-04 Sylvestre Ledru * Option --without-scicos renamed to --without-xcos 98/3298/3
2011-03-04 Clément DAVID Configure: use --enable-debug-java for generating java... 67/3267/4
2011-03-02 Sylvestre Ledru Swich from -version-info to -version-number 72/3372/2
2011-02-21 Sylvestre Ledru Files never updated, therefore outdated and useless 93/3193/2
2011-02-14 Sylvestre Ledru Java tests automatically were launched twice with the... 52/3152/2
2011-02-03 Sylvestre Ledru * bug 8563 fixed - Scilab under GNU/Linux 64 bit was... 15/2815/5
2011-02-03 Sylvestre Ledru * Bug 8807 fixed - Javadoc of javasci v2 was not instal... 68/3068/2
2011-01-20 Bruno JOFRET Bug 8825 fixed - Keep scilab version up to date and... 64/2964/4
2010-12-17 Sylvestre Ledru Quality assurance: 79/2779/8
2010-12-02 Sylvestre Ledru Also install java unitary tests (may contain very usefu... 51/2651/4
2010-12-01 Sylvestre Ledru * Add the detection of Javadoc 65/2365/3
2010-11-05 Bruno JOFRET Detect Mac os x version. 16/2416/1
2010-09-06 Sylvestre Ledru Disable the call to clean-macros in each module: 18/1818/2
2010-09-03 Sylvestre Ledru Drop useless dependency on 87/1787/3
2010-06-15 Allan CORNET bug 4493 + remove some C2F no more required 06/1006/4
2010-06-10 Allan CORNET remove wrong dependencies on elementary_functions ... 53/953/4
2010-06-09 Vincent COUVERT Use openmp flags only when needed 33/933/2
2010-06-09 Sylvestre Ledru Only trigger the Java test when the code is actually... 10/910/2
2010-05-27 Bernard HUGUENEY module parallel gateway (dynamic load) 43/743/6
2010-05-19 Sylvestre Ledru * Option --enable-compilation-tests added to the config... 64/664/3
2010-05-11 Sylvestre Ledru License header was missing 45/545/8
2010-05-05 Sylvestre Ledru new argument added by GIWS version 1.1.0 03/403/3
2010-04-09 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/5.2' 15/15/1
2010-04-08 Sylvestre Ledru Some macros were duplicated during the installation... 14/14/1
2010-03-05 Allan CORNET merge with master (to do: update makefiles)
2010-02-12 Sylvestre Ledru regeneration of
2010-02-12 Sylvestre Ledru Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into textrendering
2010-02-12 Sylvestre Ledru regeneration of
2010-02-10 Vincent COUVERT Merge commit 'origin/5.2'
2010-02-10 Sylvestre Ledru Duplicate file and weird symbol
2010-02-10 Allan CORNET update makefiles for ui_data module
2010-02-08 Allan CORNET update makefile
2010-02-04 Clément DAVID Merge branch '5.2'
2010-02-04 Sylvestre Ledru regenerated of autotools due to previous commit
2010-02-03 Clément DAVID Merge branch '5.2'
2010-02-03 Sylvestre Ledru * When two versions of the same jar libraries, in some...
2010-02-02 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/5.2'
2010-02-02 Pierre MARECHAL autoreconf
2010-02-02 Sylvestre Ledru Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into textrendering
2010-01-31 Sylvestre Ledru regeneration of
2010-01-26 Sylvestre Ledru regenerated autotools files regarding jlatexmath-fop...
2010-01-11 Sylvestre Ledru * Under GNU/Linux, Mac OS X & Unix, a m4 macro called
2009-10-12 Vincent COUVERT Merge commit 'origin/master' into Xcos
2009-10-12 Sylvestre Ledru Merge of the textrendering branch into the master
2009-10-11 Sylvestre Ledru Merged fixed
2009-10-11 Sylvestre Ledru cleaner os detection
2009-10-11 Sylvestre Ledru Regeneration of the Makefiles
2009-10-08 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/master' into Xcos
2009-10-07 Pierre MARECHAL Autoreconf
2009-10-07 Sylvestre Ledru Regenrate
2009-10-06 Sylvestre Ledru Merge commit 'origin/master' into textrendering
2009-10-06 Sylvestre Ledru Because mac os x is happier with mkinstalldirs, we...
2009-10-06 Vincent COUVERT Merge commit 'origin/master' into Xcos
2009-10-05 Sylvestre Ledru Merged (regeneration of
2009-10-02 Vincent COUVERT Merge commit 'origin/master' into xcos
2009-10-02 Sylvestre Ledru Enable the detection, the use and the load of jlatexmath
2009-10-02 Sylvestre Ledru Enable the detection, the use and the load of jlatexmath
2009-10-01 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'origin/master' into scilab-macosx
2009-09-30 Sylvestre Ledru Generate regarding :'Remove all non-mandato...
2009-09-23 Sylvestre Ledru Temporary fix. Update to beta version of libtool (2...
2009-09-22 Bruno JOFRET Merge commit 'origin/master' into Xcos
2009-09-21 Sylvestre Ledru * test ! -z => test -n (it is the same)
2009-09-21 Pierre MARECHAL Revert "Autoconf/Automake"
2009-09-21 Pierre MARECHAL Autoconf/Automake
2009-09-16 Sylvestre Ledru regenerate of
2009-09-11 Bruno JOFRET Merge commit 'origin/master' into Xcos
2009-09-07 Sylvestre Ledru Regeneration of {,configure,aclocal} with...
2009-09-03 Sylvestre Ledru Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/5.1'
2009-08-31 Sylvestre Ledru Merge commit 'origin/5.1'
2009-08-30 Sylvestre Ledru Rebuild with autoconf 2.64
2009-08-28 Sylvestre Ledru Merge branch 'master' of
2009-08-27 Sylvestre Ledru dpofa.f & util.f moved in linpack
2009-08-27 Sylvestre Ledru Merge branch 'master' of
2009-08-27 Allan CORNET update makefile
2009-08-27 Allan CORNET update makefile
2009-08-27 Allan CORNET update makefile
2009-08-26 Allan CORNET update makefile
2009-08-25 Allan CORNET Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into Xcos
2009-08-25 Sylvestre Ledru dead code (wnrm2)
2009-08-25 Sylvestre Ledru Files moved from optimization to elementary_functions...
2009-08-19 Allan CORNET update makefile (+fix)
2009-07-28 Allan CORNET detect JGRAPH X
2009-07-17 Sylvestre Ledru regenerates makefiles
2009-07-15 Sylvestre Ledru Revert "regenerated files (jgraph dep added)"
2009-07-15 Sylvestre Ledru regenerated files (jgraph dep added)
2009-06-20 Allan CORNET merge with master
2009-06-19 Serge Steer merge conflict with master branch
2009-06-18 Sylvestre Ledru Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/5.1'
2009-06-18 Sylvestre Ledru regenerated Makefile ...
2009-06-12 Pierre MARECHAL Autotools
2009-06-10 Sylvestre Ledru Regenerate makefiles & configure
2009-06-10 Pierre MARECHAL Merge with master, part II
2009-06-09 Allan CORNET merge with master
2009-06-09 Sylvestre Ledru Automake 1.10.2
2009-06-09 Sylvestre Ledru Regenerated makefiles
2009-06-03 Bruno JOFRET Regenerate Makefiles to disable HDF5 by default