exec : management of macro and macrofile.
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / functions / sci_gateway / cpp / sci_exec.cpp
2014-12-01 Cedric Delamarre exec : management of macro and macrofile. 55/11555/8
2014-10-24 Antoine ELIAS exec must print file content by default 18/15418/1
2014-10-16 Antoine ELIAS merge ast/system_env interface on Configvariable in... 91/15391/4
2014-10-10 Antoine ELIAS AST : Exp's children are store in a vector 49/15249/8
2014-10-09 Cedric Delamarre List display fixed. 46/15346/6
2014-10-06 Cedric Delamarre exec a macrofile should not print empty line in the... 04/15304/3
2014-09-18 Antoine ELIAS AST : uniformize accessors name to setXXX and getXXX... 33/15233/4
2014-09-05 Sylvain GENIN fix display of sci_exec: the prompt does not appear 59/15159/4
2014-06-30 Antoine ELIAS fix memory leak around _W macro 65/14765/5
2014-06-26 Clément DAVID Fix some GCC 4.9 warnings 35/14735/3
2014-06-09 Antoine ELIAS New scope management 49/14549/7
2014-06-06 Antoine ELIAS add serialization of AST before execute it 59/14559/10
2014-06-06 Antoine ELIAS move runvisitor implementation in cpp files 27/14627/5
2014-02-03 Cedric Delamarre show variable name of list when sub elements are displayed. 36/13636/3
2013-10-11 Cedric Delamarre Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into YaSp 01/12901/1
2013-09-02 Cedric Delamarre exec print corrected. 95/12395/3
2013-06-10 Cedric Delamarre error message passed in function error can be empty... 62/11662/5
2013-06-06 Cedric Delamarre exec a file with assignation of ans. 34/11634/2
2013-06-03 Antoine ELIAS add & for reference parmater in exec function 31/11631/2
2013-05-31 Vincent COUVERT exec a file with a big line. 19/11619/3
2013-05-31 Vincent COUVERT Revert "exec a file with a big line." 18/11618/1
2013-05-31 Cedric Delamarre exec a file with a big line. 04/11604/4
2013-04-08 Antoine ELIAS add new flag to know if function was called with a ';' 38/11238/3
2013-03-12 Antoine ELIAS add more \n in exec output to diary 92/10792/1
2012-11-13 Antoine ELIAS rollback %ls to %s, it was better before 81/9681/6
2012-11-12 Antoine ELIAS fix exec output for lines with trailling spaces 61/9661/1
2012-11-09 Antoine ELIAS update exec output to take care of spaces/tab around... 40/9640/2
2012-11-07 Antoine ELIAS Very first version of graphics/gui in scilab 6 77/9577/7
2012-07-24 Antoine ELIAS new types toString function to take care "lines" values... 03/7003/3
2012-07-23 Antoine ELIAS add format function and rewrite toString function for... 98/6798/4
2012-07-20 Vincent COUVERT Fix compilation for Windows 32bit. 21/8221/2
2012-03-14 Antoine ELIAS fix bug with error message visible in try catch express... 04/6704/1
2012-02-29 Antoine ELIAS Fix bug 10771 : improve exec/execstr output on error 96/6496/3
2012-02-27 Antoine ELIAS do not clone variable associated to ans 55/6455/2
2012-02-01 Antoine ELIAS add flag in ConfigVarialbe to know if scilab init is... 26/6126/2
2012-01-31 Antoine ELIAS Scilab mode will be 0 during the start up and will... 13/6113/2
2012-01-30 Antoine ELIAS update exec output 91/6091/3
2012-01-24 Antoine ELIAS add mlist management and add print and extraction by... 32/6032/2
2012-01-11 Antoine ELIAS adding sparse management via Eigen library 58/5858/3
2011-11-22 Antoine ELIAS kernel speed improvement 86/5486/3
2011-09-09 Antoine ELIAS rename YaspRead/Write functions and files in scilabRead... 42/4742/9
2011-06-27 Antoine ELIAS fix trouble around mode function during exec function... 28/4328/1
2011-06-09 cedric Delamarre Check the file ID in mclose, meof, mseek and mtell... 73/3873/11
2011-05-09 Bruno JOFRET Extends full PATH when calling exec. 71/3971/4
2011-03-28 Antoine ELIAS Refactoring of ScilabException in AST, exec, execstr. 62/3662/1
2011-03-10 Bruno JOFRET pause / resume / abort Implementation. 79/3479/7
2011-03-08 Antoine ELIAS delete symbol in ast exp, no longer used *new for symbo... 56/3456/3
2011-03-08 Antoine ELIAS re use Symbol in AST, parser and context 98/3398/5
2011-02-24 Antoine ELIAS template and multi dimension 89/3089/12
2010-12-14 Antoine ELIAS diary, exec, mode management 95/2695/7
2010-11-24 Antoine ELIAS exec function open files with mopen to update opened... 89/2589/2
2010-11-15 Clément DAVID Using the 'const wchar*' view as argument on '...'... 71/2471/1
2010-11-10 Antoine ELIAS improve error management in exec and execstr functions 34/2434/1
2010-10-11 Antoine ELIAS replace %s by %ls in exec and execstr 58/2258/1
2010-10-11 antoine ELIAS catch error if parser failed to open file and add os_sw... 21/2221/3
2010-10-11 antoine ELIAS Manage errors by exeception in function exec 16/2216/2
2010-07-22 antoine ELIAS mopen, mclose and file management 93/1393/2
2010-07-16 Bruno JOFRET - Add OS specific wcsdup function declared in os_wcsdup.h 38/1338/5
2010-07-15 antoine ELIAS convert char to wchar_t 09/1309/8
2010-06-14 antoine ELIAS add format and console width in ConfigVariable class... 11/1011/3
2010-06-07 Bruno JOFRET Parser is no more singleton 52/852/2
2010-03-18 Antoine ELIAS replace string argument by const string& argument
2010-03-12 antoine ELIAS replace Symbol from scope map by std::string
2010-03-10 antoine ELIAS delete AST after use
2010-02-23 antoine ELIAS add execstr function
2010-02-22 antoine ELIAS manage ans in exec call
2010-02-19 antoine ELIAS first version of new exec function
2010-02-08 antoine ELIAS windows compilation + move files