update deff test and ref
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / functions / scripts /
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET fix dependencies in /MP mode (express + pro) 05/3305/3
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET fix warning MSB8012 86/3286/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET Bye Bye VS2008, Welcome VS 2010 85/3285/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET build macros with en_US to remove warning at first... 84/3284/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET add .filters files extension required with VS 2010 75/3275/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET import VS 2010 Pro (Intel fortran) BUILD OK 18/3218/3
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET import VS 2010 Express (f2c) BUILD OK 09/3209/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET Warnings VS2010 import remove VCWebServiceProxyGenerato... 85/3185/2
2010-07-23 Allan CORNET bug 7124 + mputl as builtin 72/1272/3
2010-06-10 Allan CORNET replaces some fileinfo by isdir or isfile 02/802/3
2010-06-02 Allan CORNET remove old file ref and replaces by used 23/823/2
2010-05-21 Allan CORNET build scilab x64 with VS 2010 (compatibility) 10/710/2
2010-05-21 Allan CORNET CompileAsManaged ref removed in VS 2010 97/697/2
2010-05-19 Allan CORNET set output directory and intermediate directory values... 45/645/2
2010-03-08 Allan CORNET MSDOS replaced by getos() == 'Windows'
2010-02-18 Allan CORNET force UTF-8 encoding for vcproj
2010-02-12 Allan CORNET clean macros before a rebuild for vs project
2009-10-21 Allan CORNET fix build of macros without metanet
2009-09-24 Allan CORNET bug 4798
2009-09-09 Allan CORNET fileparts (macros --> primitive)
2009-08-07 Allan CORNET move to UTF-8 format
2009-05-11 Allan CORNET load min. functions
2008-08-17 Allan Cornet regenerate .vcproj (VS 2008 SP1 compatibility)
2008-03-17 Allan Cornet remove TargetFrameworkVersion="131072"
2008-03-17 Allan Cornet Migrate VS 2005 to VS 2008 solutions
2008-03-06 Allan Cornet Add x64 configuration for VS Pro & Express
2008-02-15 Pierre Marechal Add license header
2008-02-15 Pierre Marechal Add license header
2007-11-19 Allan Cornet replaces stripblanks macro by a primitive
2007-10-13 Pierre Marechal Set svn-eolstyle to native
2007-10-10 Allan Cornet check if file exists before to launch
2007-10-09 Allan Cornet add a message in verbose mode
2007-10-09 Allan Cornet enable "verbose mode" (genlib)
2007-10-08 Allan Cornet add a feature to re-build only a scilab macros library
2007-04-13 Sylvestre Ledru native function now
2007-02-26 Allan Cornet replace getf by exec
2007-02-11 Allan Cornet extend warning
2007-01-23 Pierre Marechal Because disp() output cannot be redirected in a file
2006-12-18 Allan Cornet Disable scicos on TRUNK (prepares to remove old graphic...
2006-10-19 Sylvestre Ledru Clean up some stuff about compilator detection (with...
2006-10-12 Allan Cornet update buildmacros
2006-10-11 Allan Cornet add newest primitive
2006-09-13 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2006-09-11 Allan Cornet file "SCI/modules/modules" contains list of scilab...
2006-09-10 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2006-09-10 Allan Cornet SCI,TMPDIR,MSDOS are predefined in C code.
2006-09-10 Allan Cornet rename Javasci --> javasci
2006-09-09 Allan Cornet Reorganization