Enable export via driver/xinit/xend
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / graphic_export / includes / gw_graphic_export.h
2012-04-12 Calixte DENIZET Enable export via driver/xinit/xend 34/6934/4
2012-02-23 Antoine ELIAS prepare api_scilab to Scilab 6 65/6365/4
2009-10-02 antoine ELIAS add error handling in api_scilab, add uint management...
2009-08-27 Allan CORNET better way to do dll (graphic_export module)
2009-08-19 antoine ELIAS prepare to C++ api
2008-05-22 Jean-baptiste Silvy Move xg2ps from primitive to macro (part 1).
2008-05-15 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove xs2emf related files.
2005-03-16 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove xs2fig.
2008-02-19 Allan Cornet rename int C2F(gw_module_name)(void) by int gw_module_n...
2008-02-15 Sylvestre Koumar Licence added (with correction)
2008-02-05 Sylvestre Koumar added include for bitmap format
2008-01-21 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2008-01-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Move xg2ps to graphic_export
2008-01-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy (no commit message)
2008-01-17 Allan Cornet add files + svn-ignore