Bad syntax in the help
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / graphics / help / fr_FR /
2008-08-01 Jean-baptiste Silvy Specify that Scilab 5.0 uses user coordinates for arc...
2008-07-30 Vincent Couvert Should not be commited
2008-07-30 Vincent Couvert Remove function help_gtk
2008-07-29 Vincent Couvert Change replacement function
2008-07-05 Serge Steer typo fixed
2008-07-05 Serge Steer tagged obsolete + pointer on alternative added
2008-06-26 Serge Steer marked obsolete
2008-06-23 Serge Steer chart moved from graphics to cacsd
2008-06-19 Serge Steer revision for new graphic + improvements + bug 3105 fix
2008-06-10 Vincent Couvert Update for Scilab 5.0 + add a warning for bug 1459 fix
2008-05-23 Pierre Marechal Fix bad encoding
2008-05-20 Vincent Couvert Bug 2439 fixed: add a note to explain that height is...
2008-04-30 Vincent Couvert Bug 2944 fixed surf replaced by surface
2008-04-22 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove obsolete printing help.
2008-04-22 Jean-baptiste Silvy Modify xbasmimp to use printFigure.
2008-04-21 Jean-baptiste Silvy Move help of xinit/xend/driver from graphics to graphic...
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove xaxis primitive and add clear_pixmap one (wich...
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove xclea routine and replaced it by show_pixmap.
2008-04-17 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add is_handle_valid primitive.
2008-04-16 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix some error in help pages.
2008-04-16 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add rotate_axes primitive.
2008-04-09 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add function to retrieve a figure handle from its index...
2008-03-28 Pierre Marechal Fix encoding
2008-03-26 Pierre Marechal Re-indent XML Files
2008-03-18 Pierre Marechal Fix xml syntax
2008-03-14 Pierre Marechal Online help : converted XML files that valid the new...
2008-03-11 Pierre Marechal Add missing license header
2008-03-11 Pierre Marechal removechapter.sce no more needed
2008-03-11 Pierre Marechal fr_FR on-line is now located in the module tree
2007-03-30 Allan Cornet move fr_FR in localization "module"
2007-03-22 Jean-baptiste Silvy Correct a comment line which was too long.
2007-03-02 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove references to old or new graphic mlode.
2007-02-19 Allan Cornet split %helps into %modules_helps & %helps
2007-02-15 Allan Cornet update example
2007-02-13 Allan Cornet extend to RFC3066bis :D