unify generatePoFile win32 and win64, fix optim in sci_set.c
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / graphics / sci_gateway / graphics_gateway.xml
2016-12-07 Cedric Delamarre light() fixed 62/18762/2
2016-12-01 Cedric Delamarre modules using java in nwni mode fixed. 25/18725/6
2016-05-20 Sylvestre Ledru * plot2d1() removal 42/9942/12
2015-03-26 Calixte DENIZET Graphics: add a function contour2dm to be able to make... 08/16208/9
2015-02-23 Anais AUBERT relocate_handle removed. 09/15909/4
2014-03-31 Antoine ELIAS convert color, addcolor and name2rgb in gataway 26/14226/3
2014-02-13 Calixte DENIZET Graphisc: little clean up 27/13727/2
2014-02-13 Antoine ELIAS add management of handle path in set, get and findobj 22/13722/3
2013-09-25 Antoine ELIAS remove light_delete, rename light_create to light,... 53/12653/5
2013-09-02 Pedro Arthur Light is now a graphic object 19/12319/2
2013-06-11 Sylvestre Ledru Fix all the formatting of xml files 88/11688/1
2013-06-11 Sylvestre Ledru Fix the XML declarations 85/11685/1
2013-06-11 Sylvestre Ledru Massive indent of all codes: 83/11683/1
2012-10-15 Cedric Delamarre graphics module ported to api_scilab. test_run("graphics") 15/9115/11
2012-07-16 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] addcb GW: no way to use it from Scilab. 44/7944/3
2012-06-13 Cedric Delamarre Set a message in info box when using rotate_axes function. 33/7533/2
2012-02-09 Bruno JOFRET Move xsetech/xgetech as Macros. 82/6182/3
2011-11-23 Vincent COUVERT * 'showalluimenushandles' function (graphics) was undoc... 60/5460/3
2009-02-18 Bruno JOFRET inflate master within YaSp
2009-01-21 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Remove xtape and set_posfig_dim primitives which did...
2008-08-14 Jean-baptiste Silvy Speed up stringbox (and consequently old xstringl):
2008-07-30 Vincent Couvert Remove function help_gtk
2008-06-26 Serge Steer to use string array instead of @ separated strings...
2008-06-24 Serge Steer To create the Legend primitive ('a la plot2d' )
2008-04-21 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove xinit/xend/driver primitives and create macros...
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove xaxis primitive and add clear_pixmap one (wich...
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove xclea routine and replaced it by show_pixmap.
2008-04-17 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add is_handle_valid primitive.
2008-04-16 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add rotate_axes primitive.
2008-03-17 Jean-baptiste Silvy Change rubber box into a primitive.
2008-02-13 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix stringbox and move xstringl into a macro.
2008-02-06 Vincent Couvert Remove TK uimenus and now used Java uimenus
2008-01-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Move xg2ps to graphic_export
2008-01-18 Vincent Couvert Please check that Scilab can be launched without errors...
2008-01-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy (no commit message)
2007-11-09 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove readxbm and readgif primitives.
2007-08-24 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove old renderer.
2007-05-30 Allan Cornet move gsort graphics to string
2007-04-12 Sylvestre Ledru New format of the xml gateway files + comments
2007-04-11 Allan Cornet add name="<module>"
2007-04-11 Allan Cornet move sci_gateway/<module> to sci_gateway/<module>_gatew...
2007-04-10 Allan Cornet move sci_gateway/<module> --> sci_gateway/<module>_gate...