Fix memleaks and slightly improve perfs
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / graphics / src / c / InitObjects.c
2013-01-25 Calixte DENIZET Fix memleaks and slightly improve perfs 90/10290/2
2012-11-23 Clément DAVID Graphics: avoid throw/catch NPE at scilab startup ... 83/9783/1
2012-11-23 Vincent COUVERT Revert "Graphics: avoid throw/catch NPE at scilab startup" 78/9778/2
2012-11-23 Clément DAVID Graphics: avoid throw/catch NPE at scilab startup 88/9488/3
2012-09-18 Bruno JOFRET Change MVC property type : string -> int 48/9048/5
2012-08-01 Cedric Delamarre set default value of font labels style, color and size. 74/8474/1 5.4.0-beta-2
2012-07-18 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] p*_FEATURE defines in ObjectStructure. 81/8181/1
2012-07-18 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetGraphicMode. 77/8177/1
2012-07-18 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetEntityType. 66/8166/2
2012-07-18 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciAddNewHandle. 65/8165/2
2012-07-17 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] nographics stub symbols. 30/8130/1
2012-07-17 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] clean InitObjects useless functions. 66/8066/2
2012-07-17 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciInitGraphicContext. 65/8065/2
2012-07-16 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciInitFontContext. 55/7955/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] old Object selection related functions. 18/7918/1
2012-07-13 Vincent COUVERT Clean-up (remove already disabled code): 92/7892/4
2012-07-04 Antoine ELIAS prepare graphics and gui modules to API_SCILAB + Fix... 66/7766/2
2012-06-26 Cedric Delamarre Ticks are displayed when user set it manually in plot2d. 05/7505/14
2012-06-12 Allan CORNET initialize variables 14/7514/2
2012-05-31 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] Dead code in Axes model initialization. 31/7331/2
2012-05-31 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] ResetFigureToDefaultValues. 17/7317/2
2012-05-03 Allan CORNET fix some warnings with intel compiler (windows) 90/7090/2
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sci{Set,Init}ScreenPosition. 45/6545/1
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sci{Set,Init}WindowDim. 33/6533/1
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sci{Set,Get,Init}{Width,Height,Dim}. 29/6529/1
2012-02-20 Bruno JOFRET Set Label as children of their parent Axes. 34/6334/2
2012-02-13 Bruno JOFRET Fix Various compilation issues. 41/6241/2
2012-01-25 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sciSetColormap 39/6039/1
2012-01-16 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] createDefaultRelationShip. 68/5868/3
2012-01-05 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] initFigureModel 33/5833/1
2012-01-05 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sciSetDefaultColorMap 31/5831/1
2012-01-04 Bruno JOFRET Remove sciPointObj autoscaling property, only available... 12/5812/1
2011-12-23 Bruno JOFRET Fix void function returning -1. 42/5742/1
2011-11-07 Vincent COUVERT Userdata property mapped to MVC 62/5362/1
2011-11-03 Vincent COUVERT * New management of menubars using MVC 25/5325/5
2011-10-28 Manuel Juliachs Axes labels creation and initialization fully implemented: 04/5304/3
2011-10-17 Vincent COUVERT New way to plug SwingView and initialize figure and... 59/5259/1
2009-03-24 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Remove useless includes in graphics to improve compilat...
2009-02-16 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Add anti_aliasing property for figures. Testing for...
2009-02-10 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Disable OS positioning of figures by default since...
2009-02-10 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Disable OS positioning of figures by default since...
2009-02-09 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix bug 2767
2009-02-02 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix bug 2265
2008-12-12 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into graphic
2008-12-12 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Prepare sci_get and sci_set for using Scierror
2008-11-28 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Simplify getRelationship and getPointerFromHandle functions
2008-11-25 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Use a hash table to store handle <-> Graphic Object...
2008-11-17 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Remove duplication of infoMessage storing. This allows...
2008-11-13 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Remove useless field fontName in ObjectStructure.h
2008-10-27 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix bug 3588
2008-10-27 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix bug 3588
2008-09-26 Jean-baptiste Silvy Cleaning useless declarations.
2008-09-26 Jean-baptiste Silvy Get rid of old graphic scale tools.
2008-09-26 Jean-baptiste Silvy Still cleaning.
2008-09-25 Jean-baptiste Silvy remove unused constants
2008-09-25 Jean-baptiste Silvy Cleaning: remove lot of dead code.
2008-09-23 Sylvestre Ledru get rid of integer type (=> int) ... really useles...
2008-09-04 Jean-baptiste Silvy (Re)fix bug 805.
2008-08-26 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add a filled property for axes in order to make them...
2008-07-23 Jean-baptiste Silvy Set default mode for arc drawing to lines since most...
2008-07-16 Allan Cornet warning (windows)
2008-07-08 Sylvestre Ledru Update for localization and bug fix
2008-07-07 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix label positionning bugs.
2008-07-03 Sylvestre Ledru Update of localization
2008-07-02 Allan Cornet find strdup (windows)
2008-07-02 Bruno Jofret EventHandler and EventHandlerEnable property management.
2008-06-27 Jean-baptiste Silvy Set more coherent values as default.
2008-05-23 Jean-baptiste Silvy Create a property fractional_font to be able to use...
2008-05-21 Allan Cornet warnings /W4 (windows)
2008-05-16 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add arc_drawing_method property to axes to be able...
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Create a hack to make pixmap mode working.
2008-04-18 Vincent Couvert Add property tag for figures
2008-04-09 Vincent Couvert figure_name property mapped to Java
2008-04-03 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove default drawing of box.
2008-03-17 Sylvestre Ledru Dead/useless code
2008-03-03 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add scrollbars and temporary patch for Scicos launching...
2008-02-22 Vincent Couvert Remove symbols: SCI_MENU, SCI_MENUCONTEXT and SCI_LABELMENU
2008-02-19 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix surf help code.
2008-02-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix xclick in drawlater mode.
2008-02-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add new headers.
2008-02-11 Jean-baptiste Silvy Restore default clip state ("off") for all objects.
2007-12-20 Allan Cornet update for windows
2007-12-18 Sylvestre Ledru * change of string for localization
2007-12-07 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add preliminary work for ticks rendering.
2007-12-06 Jean-baptiste Silvy Use hidden_axis_color instead of hiddencolor to draw...
2007-12-05 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add drawing of axes back trihedron.
2007-12-03 Jean-baptiste Silvy Redraw an axes and its children when modifying its...
2007-11-23 Sylvestre Ledru Comment line goes on 80 chars only
2007-11-13 Jean-baptiste Silvy Again some fixes when destroying figures.
2007-11-09 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove warnings.
2007-11-09 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix bug when exiting scilab.
2007-11-07 Jean-baptiste Silvy Oups, last commit did not compile (vs did not tell...
2007-11-07 Jean-baptiste Silvy Simplify some functions.
2007-11-05 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix memory bug when closing Scilab.
2007-10-05 Jean-baptiste Silvy Refactor drawing code.
2007-10-04 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add text renderer for standard mode (neither fill nor...
2007-09-04 Jean-baptiste Silvy Create classes for polyline rendering.
2007-08-24 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove old renderer.
2007-08-08 Sylvestre Ledru no newline at end of file
2007-08-07 Jean-baptiste Silvy Unclip only needed planes.