scf can only be performed on figure, not frame
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / graphics / src / c / getHandleProperty / set_current_figure_property.c
2014-03-27 Bruno JOFRET scf can only be performed on figure, not frame 66/14166/2
2014-01-21 Antoine ELIAS move buildobject functions to java 57/13457/7
2013-10-15 Antoine ELIAS WIP : remplace graphics UID string by int 22/12922/5
2013-08-27 Sylvestre Ledru Also update the URL to the CeCILL license. Thanks to... 40/12340/2
2012-10-22 Antoine ELIAS Convert internal functions of graphics and gui to api... 53/9453/7
2012-08-09 Sylvestre Ledru Stop using some useless helpers. 40/8640/2
2012-07-04 Antoine ELIAS prepare graphics and gui modules to API_SCILAB + Fix... 66/7766/2
2012-06-20 Bruno JOFRET Using scf with handle should also change current Axes. 27/7627/2
2012-06-18 Antoine ELIAS add header and move var declaration at the top of the... 62/7562/2
2012-06-15 Vincent Couvert Fix Windows compilation 54/7554/1
2012-06-14 Cedric Delamarre scf function set also the current axes. 40/7540/2
2012-03-02 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] GraphicSynchronization. 74/6574/2
2009-10-19 Pierre LANDO Partial fix for 4855 : std err mesages for all on/off...
2009-10-13 Pierre LANDO Fix bug 4855 : Use standard error messages when setting...
2009-03-24 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Remove useless includes in graphics to improve compilat...
2008-12-15 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Replace sciprint by Scierror in set functions. And...
2008-09-25 Pierre Marechal Update des localizations ru_RU, zh_TW, fr_FR & zh_CN
2008-09-24 Sylvestre Ledru Update of localization...............................
2008-08-26 Simon Lipp stackPointer may be a real pointer, so code it with...
2008-07-11 Jean-baptiste Silvy - Add a function to get available Java memory.
2008-02-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add new headers.
2007-12-18 Sylvestre Ledru include added
2007-12-18 Sylvestre Ledru Removes unused spaces
2007-12-14 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix scf and gcf freezing Scilab bugs.
2007-12-05 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix bug when opening many graphics window quickly.
2007-08-24 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove old renderer.
2006-12-21 Jean-baptiste Silvy Disable the activation of old graphic style. Remove...
2006-10-04 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove last functions from sci_set.
2006-09-26 Jean-baptiste Silvy Correct a bug in the creation of the Get hastable.
2011-07-25 Vincent COUVERT * FigureBridge no more used, now the JoGL context is... 83/4583/2
2011-06-28 Bruno JOFRET Correct scf(handle): causes figure closure to open... 54/4354/1
2011-06-22 Vincent COUVERT Replace sciPointObj by UID in uicontrols. 78/4278/2
2011-06-22 Bruno JOFRET Fix gcf and scf behaviour. 74/4274/1
2011-06-22 Bruno JOFRET Step #3: replace sciPointObj pointers by UIDs in setters. 66/4266/3
2011-06-21 Bruno JOFRET Initial step : 42/4242/9