Enable helpbrowser within YaSp
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / gui / sci_gateway / c / gw_gui.c
2011-03-22 Bruno JOFRET Enable helpbrowser within YaSp 99/3599/2
2010-07-09 antoine ELIAS rewrite size function, add getscilabmode function and... 45/1245/3
2010-05-26 Bruno JOFRET Start gui module integration 16/716/2
2009-11-26 Pierre MARECHAL GUI: tree functions:
2009-10-27 Sylvestre Ledru Merge branch 'master' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab
2009-10-27 Vincent COUVERT New About Box for Scilab
2009-10-27 Sylvestre Ledru Better rendering in case of error
2009-09-10 Allan CORNET remove hard coded values
2009-05-28 Allan CORNET bug 3580
2009-05-26 Vincent COUVERT Merge commit 'origin/5.1'
2009-05-26 Vincent COUVERT SEP #27 uiputfile + bug 4508 fixed
2009-04-03 antoine ELIAS add display_tree function in gui module
2009-02-18 Bruno JOFRET inflate master within YaSp
2008-12-15 Bruno JOFRET usecanvas also needs JoGL now we load it on the fly
2008-12-15 Bruno JOFRET Readd usecanvas... Just vanished...
2008-12-15 Sylvestre KOUMAR Correction of FALSE + xgetfile macro + checkstyle corre...
2008-12-11 Sylvestre KOUMAR uigetfile function
2008-10-29 Vincent COUVERT Add function usecavas
2008-08-19 Vincent Couvert Load graphic jars on use for uicontrols and uimenus
2008-08-04 Allan Cornet rewrite getInstalledlookandfeel, setlookandfeel , getlo...
2008-07-29 Vincent Couvert * Move toprint and printsetupbox functions to gui.
2008-07-03 Jean-baptiste Silvy Connect export GUI with Scilab.
2008-06-24 Sylvestre Ledru Better error message
2008-06-03 Vincent Couvert Localization
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Add function printfigure
2008-04-04 Vincent Couvert Implement Java gcbo
2008-03-27 Vincent Couvert Add uigetcolor function which calls Java Color Chooser
2008-03-27 Vincent Couvert Add function uigetfont which calls a Java font chooser
2008-03-14 Vincent Couvert Java help browser update
2008-03-14 Vincent Couvert New Java Help Browser for Scilab.
2008-03-13 Vincent Couvert waitbar and progressionbar are now Java objects and...
2008-03-12 Vincent Couvert x_message and x_message_modeless are now obsolete funct...
2008-03-12 Vincent Couvert Add the function messagebox.
2008-02-27 Vincent Couvert about() is now a macro and no more a primitive.
2008-02-21 Vincent Couvert Toolbar management:
2008-02-19 Allan Cornet rename int C2F(gw_module_name)(void) by int gw_module_n...
2008-02-19 Vincent Couvert First implementation of Java x_choices function
2008-02-18 Sylvestre Koumar Licence (header) added
2008-02-15 Vincent Couvert Add cascading ContextMenus
2008-02-14 Vincent Couvert Add x_choose_modeless function
2008-02-12 Allan Cornet warnings (includes)
2008-02-11 Vincent Couvert mpopup renamed to uipopup in gateway
2008-02-11 Vincent Couvert First implementation of popupmenus, no cascading menus...
2008-02-06 Vincent Couvert Remove TK uimenus and now used Java uimenus
2007-12-27 Sylvestre Ledru Update of localization ... thanks Bruno
2007-12-14 Vincent Couvert Beginning of implementation of Java uicontrols (pushbut...
2007-12-07 Vincent Couvert Add uigetdir function, I have to write an help file
2007-11-27 Vincent Couvert First implementation of addmenu/setmenu/unsetmenu/delme...
2007-11-27 Sylvestre Ledru update of/for localization
2007-11-23 Sylvestre Ledru Comment line goes on 80 chars only
2007-08-09 Allan Cornet move functions wintools --> gui
2007-07-03 Allan Cornet gateways calls callFunctionFromGateway (factorized...
2007-05-27 Allan Cornet add getinstalledlookandfeels , getlookandfeel , setlook...
2007-05-13 Allan Cornet move clc & tohome primitive in console module
2007-04-24 Allan Cornet 4 modes :
2007-03-31 Allan Cornet Remove many "extern" and update callinterf.h with inclu...
2007-03-01 Allan Cornet #if --> #ifdef
2007-01-19 Jean-baptiste Silvy Rename primitive xselect to show_window and create...
2006-12-11 Allan Cornet Add ExceptionMessage.* message for scilab exception...
2006-12-10 Allan Cornet indentation
2006-11-24 Sylvestre Ledru Warning fixed with a much better way
2006-08-25 Jean-baptiste Silvy Create a file in gui module for the tohome primitive.
2006-08-25 Jean-baptiste Silvy Create a file in gui module for the show_window primitive.
2006-08-25 Jean-baptiste Silvy Create a file in gui module for the clc primitive.
2006-08-24 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2006-08-23 Allan Cornet Reorganization