* Bug #11489 fixed - 'SliderStep' property was ignored for uicontrols.
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / gui / sci_gateway / c / sci_uicontrol.c
2012-09-19 Vincent COUVERT * Bug #11489 fixed - 'SliderStep' property was ignored... 49/9049/4
2012-09-18 Bruno JOFRET Change MVC property type : string -> int 48/9048/5
2012-09-18 Vincent COUVERT * Bug #10346 fixed - An uicontrol was visible during... 28/8928/4
2012-07-13 Vincent COUVERT GUI 36/7936/4
2012-07-09 Vincent COUVERT GUI module cleanup: 88/7788/3
2012-07-04 Antoine ELIAS prepare graphics and gui modules to API_SCILAB + Fix... 66/7766/2
2012-05-18 Vincent COUVERT Fix non regression test for bug #3554. 79/7179/2
2012-04-02 Vincent COUVERT * Rename style 'ImageRenderer' to 'Image' 44/6844/1
2012-04-02 Vincent COUVERT Remove 'tree' type because does not work yet 39/6839/1
2012-04-02 Vincent COUVERT 'uitable' style renamed to 'Table' 37/6837/1
2012-03-29 Vincent COUVERT 'ImageRenderer' style now uses the "Value" property... 42/6742/2
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] setCurentFigureAsFrameParent. 28/6528/1
2011-11-03 Vincent COUVERT * Manage focus on uicontrols using MVC 33/5333/3
2011-09-09 Allan CORNET warnings visual + intel (all warnings mode) gui module 99/4899/2
2011-08-22 Sylvestre Ledru C2F(putlhsvar)(); => PutLhsVar(); 76/4676/4
2010-06-23 Yann Collette bug 7108 fixed - it was not possible to set the callbac... 43/643/4
2010-05-18 Yann Collette allow the uicontrol function to be overloaded 34/634/4
2009-06-04 Simon Lipp Fix more memleaks (gui module):
2009-01-12 Vincent COUVERT Bug 3924 fixed
2008-12-08 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Handle values are not longer a cast from the sciPointOb...
2008-09-22 Pierre Marechal Bug 3560 fixed
2008-09-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3560 fixed
2008-08-27 Simon Lipp second argument of callSetProperty is a size_t, not...
2008-08-26 Allan Cornet warning (windows)
2008-08-26 Simon Lipp stackPointer may be a real pointer, so code it with...
2008-08-25 Vincent Couvert Missing feature added, uicontrol can now be a child...
2008-06-11 Vincent Couvert Bug fix: wrong default position
2008-06-03 Vincent Couvert Localization
2008-05-30 Vincent Couvert Localization update
2008-05-24 Sylvestre Ledru Update for localization
2008-05-22 Vincent Couvert I think this could fix bug 2963...have to test under x64
2008-05-21 Vincent Couvert Fix bugs in uicontrol userdata (creation and destruction)
2008-05-21 Vincent Couvert Bug 3031 fixed: uicontrol properties can now be abbrevi...
2008-05-06 Vincent Couvert Bug 2199 fixed: uicontrol(h) now gives focus to the...
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Prepare messages for localization
2008-04-09 Vincent Couvert Avoid Scilab crash when trying to create a non-existing...
2008-04-08 Vincent Couvert Add property visible for uiobjects
2008-04-08 Allan Cornet warnings
2008-04-08 Vincent Couvert Ensure the units are set before the position or fontsize
2008-04-02 Vincent Couvert Uicontrols improvements
2008-04-01 Vincent Couvert Parent can be a figure number: added for backward compa...
2008-02-19 Bruno Jofret BUG FIX Scierror
2008-02-18 Sylvestre Koumar Licence (header) added
2008-02-12 Allan Cornet warnings (includes)
2008-02-06 Vincent Couvert Add some missing properties
2008-01-30 Vincent Couvert Case in property name now managed by set/get hashtable
2008-01-30 Allan Cornet replaces TRUE_ ...
2008-01-25 Sylvestre Ledru Update for localization
2008-01-17 Vincent Couvert Java code for Relief property + some unit tests added
2008-01-11 Vincent Couvert Frame uicontrols implemntation
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert Beginning of implementation of popupmenu and listbox...
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert Beginning of implementation of sliders uicontrols
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert uicontrols of style radiobutton implementation (first...
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert uicontrols of style checkbox implementation
2008-01-09 Vincent Couvert text style uicontrols
2008-01-08 Vincent Couvert First implementation of edit uicontrol using Java
2008-01-04 Vincent Couvert New uicontrol properties : FontName VerticalAlignment...
2007-12-20 Allan Cornet add files to build on windows + warning
2007-12-20 Vincent Couvert uicontrol label property is now string property
2007-12-20 Vincent Couvert Manages properties min, max, tag and units for pushbutton
2007-12-19 Vincent Couvert Add default value for fontweight
2007-12-19 Allan Cornet increase NBPROPERTIES 6
2007-12-19 Vincent Couvert Some new properties implemented for pushbutton style...
2007-12-14 Vincent Couvert Beginning of implementation of Java uicontrols (pushbut...
2011-10-10 Vincent COUVERT Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into graphic 82/5182/6
2011-07-25 Vincent COUVERT * FigureBridge no more used, now the JoGL context is... 83/4583/2
2011-06-24 Vincent COUVERT "table" uicontrol implementation. 05/4305/3
2011-06-23 Vincent COUVERT Imagerenderer uicontrol plugged. 91/4291/4
2011-06-22 Vincent COUVERT Replace sciPointObj by UID in uicontrols. 78/4278/2
2011-06-21 Bruno JOFRET Initial step : 42/4242/9
2011-06-09 Vincent COUVERT First step to uicontrol/pushbutton using MVC 86/4186/3
2010-09-23 Han DONG changed ImageRender to ImageRenderer, updated help... 71/1571/3
2010-08-04 Han DONG UiDisplayTree added to uicontrol 36/1536/1
2010-07-29 Han DONG adding UiDisplayTree as a style into uicontrol 75/1475/1
2010-07-08 Han DONG preliminary uitable 35/1235/4
2010-07-08 Han DONG Added a simple ImageRender into style property of uicon... 02/1002/3