Fix warning message on Min/Max uicontrol property.
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / gui / src / cpp / SetUicontrolMin.cpp
2012-09-19 Bruno JOFRET Fix warning message on Min/Max uicontrol property. 77/9077/2
2012-09-18 Bruno JOFRET Change MVC property type : string -> int 48/9048/5
2012-07-04 Antoine ELIAS prepare graphics and gui modules to API_SCILAB + Fix... 66/7766/2
2012-05-24 Vincent COUVERT Fix non regression test for bug #3389: 65/7265/1
2012-03-12 Vincent COUVERT * 'Value' 'Max' ... 56/6656/3
2010-01-17 Sylvestre Ledru Static cast to make intell C++ compiler
2008-12-15 Vincent COUVERT Replace sciprint bu Scierror so that messages can be...
2008-08-27 Vincent Couvert Do not display a warning if Value property not set...
2008-08-26 Simon Lipp stackPointer may be a real pointer, so code it with...
2008-08-06 Vincent Couvert Better handling of checkbox and radiobutton value/min...
2008-06-03 Vincent Couvert Localization
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Prepare messages for localization
2008-04-02 Vincent Couvert Uicontrols improvements
2008-02-22 Vincent Couvert SliderStep property default value was wrong and uder...
2008-02-22 Vincent Couvert SliderStep property bug fix: it is a value not a percen...
2008-02-18 Sylvestre Koumar Licence (header) added
2008-01-30 Vincent Couvert Add parenthesis to avoid bad cast to int
2008-01-11 Vincent Couvert Add SliderStep Min Max (sliders), MultipleSelectionEnab...
2007-12-20 Vincent Couvert Manages properties min, max, tag and units for pushbutton
2011-10-06 Vincent COUVERT Full management of Min and Max properties 54/5154/2
2011-06-22 Vincent COUVERT Replace sciPointObj by UID in uicontrols. 78/4278/2
2011-06-09 Vincent COUVERT First step to uicontrol/pushbutton using MVC 86/4186/3