enable the localization on some strings
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / gui / src / java / org / scilab / modules / gui / bridge / filechooser / SwingScilabFileChooser.java
2009-06-26 Sylvestre Ledru enable the localization on some strings
2009-05-26 Vincent COUVERT SEP #27 uiputfile + bug 4508 fixed
2009-04-21 Sylvestre KOUMAR correction for bug 4426, filename is cut in uigetfile
2009-03-31 Sylvestre KOUMAR correction for bug 4187
2009-03-30 Sylvestre Koumar lead for bug 4187, this change must be tested on Habib...
2009-02-11 Sylvestre Ledru It is possible that we don't have any more token here...
2009-01-07 Vincent COUVERT Code cleaning: xgetfile is now an obsolete function...
2009-01-06 Vincent COUVERT - Bug fixes for multiple return values when the user...
2008-12-15 Sylvestre KOUMAR Correction of FALSE + xgetfile macro + checkstyle corre...
2008-12-12 Sylvestre KOUMAR error on filter cancel action corrected
2008-12-11 Sylvestre KOUMAR uigetfile function
2008-07-24 Vincent Couvert Add Scilab icon
2008-07-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3231 fixed
2008-07-03 Sylvestre Koumar Icon image added on the graphic export window.
2008-07-01 Sylvestre Koumar IHM for the graphical export :
2008-02-18 Sylvestre Koumar Licence (header) added
2008-02-08 Vincent Couvert Special case for emptystr() given as initial dir
2007-12-07 Vincent Couvert Add uigetdir function, I have to write an help file
2007-12-07 Vincent Couvert Java version of xgetfile