enable/disable a tab children frame, enable/disable tab title to show its state
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / gui / src / java / org / scilab / modules / gui / bridge / frame / SwingScilabFrame.java
2014-02-25 Antoine ELIAS enable/disable a tab children frame, enable/disable... 25/13825/3
2014-02-25 Antoine ELIAS update value and string on tab and layer uicontrol 16/13816/6
2014-02-18 Vincent COUVERT Fix default value for relief property. 79/13779/1
2014-02-18 Vincent COUVERT Fix some GUI tests: 73/13773/2
2014-02-17 Antoine ELIAS cleanup gui 70/13770/5
2014-02-17 Antoine ELIAS save and load axes in xml 58/13758/3
2014-02-17 Antoine ELIAS add savegui as xml file, change xml format to manage... 56/13756/8
2014-02-14 Vincent COUVERT Add missing break 47/13747/1
2014-02-14 Bruno JOFRET Frame can have Axes child 01/13701/3
2014-02-11 Antoine ELIAS fix update of tab name 00/13700/2
2014-02-10 Antoine ELIAS set model default values from L&F 99/13699/3
2014-02-04 Antoine ELIAS add management of layer in SwingView 57/13657/4
2014-02-03 Antoine ELIAS xml load, tab font properties are use in tab titles 26/13626/5
2014-02-03 Vincent COUVERT Add a property to manage L&F for uicontrols in GUIs. 20/13620/5
2014-01-31 Antoine ELIAS better management of frame borders 11/13611/6
2014-01-29 Bruno JOFRET Refactor SwingScilabWindow and SwingScilabPanel 87/13587/3
2014-01-28 Antoine ELIAS update SwingvVew on Frame setLayout 82/13582/3
2014-01-28 Bruno JOFRET Manage padding for Border Layout. 54/13554/4
2014-01-28 Bruno JOFRET Frame manage GridBag Layout 61/13561/2
2014-01-27 Bruno JOFRET Frame Border Layout implementation 52/13552/2
2014-01-27 Bruno JOFRET Add Tab management 51/13551/2
2014-01-27 Bruno JOFRET Rename SwingScilabTab to SwingScilabDockable 36/13536/2
2013-10-15 Antoine ELIAS WIP : remplace graphics UID string by int 22/12922/5
2013-08-27 Sylvestre Ledru Also update the URL to the CeCILL license. Thanks to... 40/12340/2
2012-09-18 Bruno JOFRET Change MVC property type : string -> int 48/9048/5
2012-07-31 Vincent COUVERT * Bug #11070 fixed - The "Visible"/"Enable"/"Position... 54/8354/3
2012-04-19 Vincent COUVERT Fixes ATOMS GUI 14/7014/1
2011-11-07 Vincent COUVERT uicontrols with 'Frame' style now work using MVC 58/5358/1
2011-10-13 Vincent COUVERT uimenu now use MVC 20/5220/3
2008-10-29 Bruno JOFRET Need to convert it as component now
2008-10-28 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix compilation again. I should make clean in Java...
2008-06-09 Vincent Couvert Bug 3106 fixed: wrong position for uicontrols
2008-04-08 Vincent Couvert Position bug fixed
2008-04-04 Vincent Couvert Implements callbacks
2008-03-07 Vincent Couvert Scilab has now beautiful status bars.
2008-03-03 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add scrollbars and temporary patch for Scicos launching...
2008-02-18 Sylvestre Koumar Licence (header) added
2008-02-14 Vincent Couvert Change setCallback in the Bridge + checkstyle
2008-02-11 Vincent Couvert Destroy now also make the Widget invisible waiting...
2008-02-10 Vincent Couvert Delete function mapping for Java uiobjects.
2008-01-29 Vincent Couvert Remove unused import
2008-01-17 Vincent Couvert Java code for Relief property + some unit tests added
2008-01-15 Vincent Couvert Improve listbox and popupmenu uicontrols
2008-01-11 Vincent Couvert horizontalalignment and verticalalignment properties...
2008-01-11 Vincent Couvert Frame uicontrols implemntation
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert Java implementation of uicontrols of style checkbox...
2007-07-19 Majouane BENJELLOUL Append a subMenu to a Menu
2007-07-18 Majouane BENJELLOUL removed the extends hierarchie of SimpleConcepts.
2007-07-18 Bruno Jofret Try to deal properly with Swing...
2007-07-17 Majouane BENJELLOUL Refactored Bridge Interfaces for to new Names SimpleCon...
2007-07-11 Majouane BENJELLOUL Started implementation for Concepts (Still TODO : Scila...
2007-07-09 Majouane BENJELLOUL Started implementation for Concepts (Still TODO : Scila...
2007-07-06 Majouane BENJELLOUL Started implementation for Concepts (Still TODO : Scila...
2007-07-04 Majouane BENJELLOUL set default Layout
2007-07-04 Majouane BENJELLOUL added methode (not coded) for bridge, so we can compile
2007-07-03 Majouane BENJELLOUL Add of LayoutManager, FlowLayout and BorderLayout
2007-06-23 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2007-06-20 Majouane BENJELLOUL adding PushButton
2007-06-19 Majouane BENJELLOUL Package organisation
2011-10-07 Vincent COUVERT Enable Callbacks for all GraphicObjects 68/5168/4
2011-10-04 Vincent COUVERT Frame uicontrols now use MVC 07/5107/4
2011-07-26 Bruno JOFRET Move OpenGL stuff to SwingScilabAxes. 89/4589/2