Only xclick can catch callback execution.
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2013-02-07 Bruno JOFRET Only xclick can catch callback execution. 91/10391/3
2013-02-01 Bruno JOFRET Use common classname wrapper for xclick/xgetmouse detec... 87/10387/1
2012-01-30 Bruno JOFRET Enable xclick/xgetmouse. 02/6102/1
2009-02-04 Vincent COUVERT Make eventhandler work with PRESS+MOVE
2009-01-08 Bruno JOFRET Force Check Windows ID when CLICK or PRESSED
2008-11-19 Bruno JOFRET Revert "Revert "Use Listeners""
2008-11-19 Bruno JOFRET Revert "Use Listeners"
2008-11-19 Bruno JOFRET Use Listeners
2008-11-14 Bruno JOFRET Clean Rotation management
2008-11-13 Bruno JOFRET Is private class really needed ?
2008-11-12 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix mouse event with GLCanvas under Linux with some...
2008-10-30 Bruno JOFRET Adding Dynamic switch to GLCanvas
2008-10-29 Bruno JOFRET Merging with upstream modifications.
2008-10-29 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix event handling, xclick, xgetmouse with new canvas...
2008-10-28 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix compilation again. I should make clean in Java...
2008-06-12 Bruno Jofret [XGETMOUSE]
2008-03-10 Bruno Jofret New process using SciTranslator.
2008-03-03 Bruno Jofret Correct some release detection BUG.
2008-02-18 Sylvestre Koumar Licence (header) added
2008-02-14 Vincent Couvert Change setCallback in the Bridge + checkstyle
2008-02-13 Bruno Jofret Enable CTRL dark features ...
2008-02-01 Vincent Couvert Scilab checkstyle compatibility
2008-01-09 Bruno Jofret Xgetmouse should be able to see moves within a window.
2007-12-20 Bruno Jofret RELEASE :
2007-12-18 Bruno Jofret Xclick is now ready !!
2007-12-14 Bruno Jofret xclick is quite ready !!!
2007-12-07 Bruno Jofret Magical HACK !!!
2007-12-07 Sylvestre Ledru Java 1.5 compatibility (bruno change)
2007-12-07 Bruno Jofret Manage coordinate as double.
2007-12-06 Bruno Jofret One other step near to xclick...