separate JVM start and SwingView register at scilab start in mn mode
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / gui / src / jni / CallScilabBridge.giws.xml
2017-01-12 Antoine ELIAS separate JVM start and SwingView register at scilab... 75/18875/2
2014-02-04 Vincent COUVERT New fix for toolbar function (now works again for conso... 54/13654/2
2013-10-15 Antoine ELIAS WIP : remplace graphics UID string by int 22/12922/5
2013-06-11 Sylvestre Ledru Fix all the formatting of xml files 88/11688/1
2013-06-11 Sylvestre Ledru Fix the XML declarations 85/11685/1
2013-06-11 Sylvestre Ledru Massive indent of all codes: 83/11683/1
2013-05-17 Calixte DENIZET Bug 11648 fixed: Copy graphic to clipboard did not... 25/11525/2
2012-07-18 Vincent COUVERT * Figure closure can now be managed by the user (confir... 97/7997/11
2012-07-09 Vincent COUVERT GUI module cleanup: 88/7788/3
2012-04-11 Calixte DENIZET Update Exporter in Graphic window 27/6927/2
2012-04-02 Vincent COUVERT * Rename style 'ImageRenderer' to 'Image' 44/6844/1
2011-11-07 Vincent COUVERT Toolbar function now uses MVC 59/5359/1
2011-11-03 Vincent COUVERT * uicontextmenu uses MVC 46/5346/3
2011-11-03 Vincent COUVERT * Manage focus on uicontrols using MVC 33/5333/3
2011-11-03 Vincent COUVERT * setmenu/unsetmenu/delmenu now use MVC 30/5330/7
2011-10-21 Vincent COUVERT Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into graphic 90/5290/1
2011-09-03 Calixte DENIZET Bug 9665 fixed: use ScilabCommonsUtils.copyFile rather... 44/4344/3
2010-05-19 Vincent COUVERT Bug 6535 fixed 46/646/3
2010-03-27 Sylvestre Ledru * Increase of the default size of the help browser...
2009-10-27 Vincent COUVERT New About Box for Scilab
2009-07-30 Vincent COUVERT Option "Checked" added for uimenus
2009-02-18 Bruno JOFRET inflate master within YaSp
2009-01-15 Vincent COUVERT usecanvas([status]) now returns the object currently...
2009-01-07 Vincent COUVERT Remove unused code since uigetdir/uigtefile use Juigetf...
2009-01-07 Vincent COUVERT Code cleaning: xgetfile is now an obsolete function...
2008-10-29 Vincent COUVERT Add function usecavas
2008-10-24 Bruno JOFRET Merging with Master
2008-10-23 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Automatically add or remove the GLJPanel from the figure
2008-08-11 Vincent Couvert raise_window now mapped to Java and available under...
2008-07-29 Vincent Couvert * Move toprint and printsetupbox functions to gui.
2008-07-17 Vincent Couvert Add optional title to uigetcolor.
2008-07-03 Jean-baptiste Silvy Connect export GUI with Scilab.
2008-06-11 Vincent Couvert Enable property now linked to Java for uimenus and...
2008-05-07 Vincent Couvert Bug 2196 fixed (uicontrols no more loose their properti...
2008-05-06 Vincent Couvert Bug 2199 fixed: uicontrol(h) now gives focus to the...
2008-04-25 Vincent Couvert Revert revision 24574 because cannot compile under...
2008-04-25 Vincent Couvert Console GIWS generated file moved to GUI to allow stati...
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Add function printfigure
2008-04-19 Vincent Couvert apropos function is now available with new Java help...
2008-04-18 Vincent Couvert Beginning of figure to clipboard export management
2008-04-17 Vincent Couvert Beginning of clipboard function Java implementation...
2008-04-08 Vincent Couvert Add property visible for uiobjects
2008-04-07 Vincent Couvert Get root properties Java implementation
2008-04-02 Vincent Couvert Uicontrols improvements
2008-03-27 Vincent Couvert Add uigetcolor function which calls Java Color Chooser
2008-03-27 Vincent Couvert Add function uigetfont which calls a Java font chooser
2008-03-21 Vincent Couvert Create a new Java object for Scilab: ColorChooser
2008-03-17 Vincent Couvert Good bye old help browser... hello new Java Help Browse...
2008-03-14 Vincent Couvert Java help browser update
2008-03-14 Vincent Couvert New Java Help Browser for Scilab.
2008-03-13 Vincent Couvert waitbar and progressionbar are now Java objects and...
2008-03-12 Vincent Couvert Add the function messagebox.
2008-03-06 Vincent Couvert Scilab implementation of event we have...
2008-02-21 Vincent Couvert Toolbar management:
2008-02-19 Vincent Couvert First implementation of Java x_choices function
2008-02-15 Vincent Couvert Add cascading ContextMenus
2008-02-13 Vincent Couvert x_message_modeless Java implementation
2008-02-13 Vincent Couvert x_mdialog Java implementation
2008-02-12 Vincent Couvert Implements setmenu and unsetmenu with 3 input arguments
2008-02-11 Vincent Couvert createpopup now returns the name of the menu selected.
2008-02-11 Vincent Couvert First implementation of popupmenus, no cascading menus...
2008-02-10 Vincent Couvert Delete function mapping for Java uiobjects.
2008-02-09 Vincent Couvert First version of Java x_choose
2008-02-08 Vincent Couvert x_dialog is now OK
2008-02-08 Vincent Couvert JNI and Bridge for x_message function
2008-02-04 Vincent Couvert get callback property management for uicontrols
2008-02-03 Vincent Couvert FontName property management for uicontrols
2008-02-03 Vincent Couvert Change slider orientation according to their width...
2008-01-29 Vincent Couvert Addmenu should now be at Scilab* level
2008-01-17 Vincent Couvert Java code for Relief property + some unit tests added
2008-01-15 Vincent Couvert Improve listbox and popupmenu uicontrols
2008-01-13 Vincent Couvert Value property implementation
2008-01-11 Vincent Couvert Add SliderStep Min Max (sliders), MultipleSelectionEnab...
2008-01-11 Vincent Couvert horizontalalignment and verticalalignment properties...
2008-01-11 Vincent Couvert Frame uicontrols implemntation
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert Beginning of implementation of popupmenu and listbox...
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert Beginning of implementation of sliders uicontrols
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert uicontrols of style radiobutton implementation (first...
2008-01-10 Vincent Couvert uicontrols of style checkbox implementation
2008-01-09 Vincent Couvert text style uicontrols
2008-01-09 Vincent Couvert Clean code and fix bugs for edit properties display
2008-01-08 Vincent Couvert First implementation of edit uicontrol using Java
2008-01-04 Vincent Couvert Clean code
2007-12-21 Vincent Couvert Property FontAngle for PushButtons
2007-12-19 Vincent Couvert FontSize property for PushButtons
2007-12-19 Vincent Couvert FontWeight property
2007-12-19 Vincent Couvert Some new properties implemented for pushbutton style...
2007-12-14 Vincent Couvert Property BackgroundColor for Pushbuttons
2007-12-14 Vincent Couvert Beginning of implementation of Java uicontrols (pushbut...
2007-12-07 Vincent Couvert Add uigetdir function, I have to write an help file
2007-12-07 Vincent Couvert Java version of xgetfile
2007-11-27 Vincent Couvert First implementation of addmenu/setmenu/unsetmenu/delme...
2011-04-27 Bruno JOFRET Enable Scilab standard window. 32/3632/5
2011-03-29 Bruno JOFRET Move to giws 1.2.4 49/3649/2
2010-09-23 Han DONG changed ImageRender to ImageRenderer, updated help... 71/1571/3
2010-07-08 Han DONG preliminary uitable 35/1235/4
2010-07-08 Han DONG image render scale: set(h,'scale',[1.5 1.5]) 32/1032/2
2010-07-08 Han DONG image shear: set(h,'shear',[1.5 1.5]) 31/1031/2
2010-07-08 Han DONG image rotation 30/1030/2
2010-07-08 Han DONG Added a simple ImageRender into style property of uicon... 02/1002/3