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2011-02-27 Calixte DENIZET Helptools: remove useless file in pt_BR 09/3309/1
2011-02-24 Rui Hirokawa * Add the japanese localization 40/3240/4
2011-02-23 Calixte DENIZET Bug 6514 fixed: 'help %k' didn't open the good help... 46/3246/3
2011-02-03 Sylvestre Ledru Add role in the 'see also' section in the help page 46/2546/9
2011-02-02 Calixte DENIZET * In the help, allow the creation of links between... 59/3059/17
2010-12-13 Allan CORNET bug 4821 fixed - help file 'man' was obsolete. 29/2629/6
2010-11-15 Sylvestre Ledru Fix some english 'mistakes' 59/2459/2
2010-11-05 Sylvestre Ledru In the documentation, rename Parameters => Arguments 39/2239/2
2010-06-23 Allan CORNET rename xpad --> scinotes 86/1086/3
2010-05-05 Allan CORNET bug 5123: update of %helps help 37/437/2
2010-04-21 Sylvestre Ledru Fixes some issues/typo in del_help_chapter and add_help... 58/158/2
2010-03-08 Allan CORNET MSDOS replaced by getos() == 'Windows'
2010-03-01 Michaël Baudin Fixed typo in the help of help_from_sci
2010-01-08 Allan CORNET add comments about bug 5562
2009-12-07 Yann Collette add details about the output parameter of add_help_chap...
2009-11-03 Yann Collette remove wrong foo linkend
2009-10-14 Allan CORNET fix help file
2009-10-14 Allan CORNET fix editor detection
2009-10-13 Allan CORNET uses editor()
2009-10-07 Allan CORNET bug 4852
2009-09-04 Yann Collette add CDATA + role in the helptools module
2009-08-24 Yann Collette bug 3201 fixed - add the help page for the function...
2009-08-16 Sylvestre Ledru Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/5.1'
2009-08-15 Daniel de Souza... More help pages translated to Portugues do Brazil
2009-07-28 Vincent COUVERT Merge commit 'origin/5.1'
2009-07-28 Vincent COUVERT Fix Docbook compliance problems
2009-07-22 Pierre MARECHAL Homogenize all addchapter.sce
2009-07-22 Pierre MARECHAL - add_help_chapter now accepts string array as input...
2009-06-22 Allan CORNET remove help file
2009-06-19 Allan CORNET remove foo.xml
2009-06-15 Allan CORNET xmltochm (windows)
2009-04-29 Pierre MARECHAL ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
2009-04-09 Pierre MARECHAL dos2unix to fix bad end of lines
2009-04-08 Daniel de Souza... Online Help translated into português do Brasil (pt_BR...
2009-04-08 Daniel de Souza... Online Help translated into português do Brasil (pt_BR...
2009-01-23 Pierre MARECHAL Copyright stuff
2009-01-23 Pierre MARECHAL - replace the getlanguage() and getdefaultlanguage...
2008-10-22 Pierre MARECHAL oups
2008-10-22 Pierre MARECHAL Another test to merge 5.0 into master
2008-10-20 Francois Vogel Scipad 7.7
2008-09-26 Pierre Marechal Fix examples
2008-09-24 Pierre Marechal - Add chinese example
2008-09-24 Pierre Marechal - Add chinese example
2008-09-10 Pierre Marechal Update help and examples
2008-09-02 Pierre Marechal Fix bug 3199
2008-08-29 Pierre Marechal Update the doc (See Bug 3431)
2008-08-29 Pierre Marechal Remove
2008-08-27 Pierre Marechal Fix bug 2214
2008-08-14 Sylvestre Ledru bad name in the id of the help
2008-07-02 Pierre Marechal Fix bug 3065
2008-04-17 Serge Steer rewritten for new xml schema
2008-04-10 Pierre Marechal Update bugzilla URL
2008-03-26 Pierre Marechal Re-indent XML Files
2008-03-20 Pierre Marechal make doc for contribs
2008-03-14 Vincent Couvert First version of French help using DocBook
2008-03-14 Pierre Marechal Online help : converted XML files that valid the new...
2008-03-11 Pierre Marechal removechapter.sce no more needed
2008-03-11 Pierre Marechal fr_FR on-line is now located in the module tree
2008-02-15 Pierre Marechal Add license header
2008-02-14 Pierre Marechal Add license header
2008-01-04 Sylvestre Ledru getlanguage('LANGUAGE_DEFAULT') => getdefaultlanguage()
2007-11-12 Pierre Marechal removechapter.sce is no more needed
2007-08-27 Pierre Marechal Fix bad links
2007-03-30 Allan Cornet move fr_FR in localization "module"
2007-02-19 Allan Cornet split %helps into %modules_helps & %helps
2007-02-16 Allan Cornet use english help (LANGUAGE_DEFAULT) if help not found
2007-02-13 Allan Cornet extend to RFC3066bis :D
2007-02-07 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2007-02-06 Allan Cornet LANGUAGE --> getlanguage()
2007-01-30 Allan Cornet rename eng -> en
2006-12-02 Francois Vogel Fixed path to help.dtd
2006-11-20 Pierre Marechal Fix bug 2214
2006-09-14 Pierre Marechal Not translated into french
2006-09-10 Pierre Marechal - Fix dtd path
2006-09-09 Allan Cornet Reorganization
2006-09-03 Pierre Marechal - Fix dtd path\nAdd LastChangedDate property
2006-09-01 Allan Cornet Reorganization
2006-08-08 Pierre Marechal - Fix dtd path
2006-08-03 Pierre Marechal help-tools ==> helptools