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[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / io /
2011-02-21 Sylvestre Ledru Files never updated, therefore outdated and useless 93/3193/2
2010-11-04 Sylvestre Ledru Bug 6942 removed: Drop the dependency on tcl/tk in... 04/2204/6
2010-09-03 Sylvestre Ledru Drop useless dependency on 87/1787/3
2010-06-15 Allan CORNET bug 4493 + remove some C2F no more required 06/1006/4
2010-05-11 Sylvestre Ledru License header was missing 45/545/8
2010-05-11 Allan CORNET bug 7006 03/503/4
2010-04-22 Allan CORNET fix build on macos 23/223/1
2010-04-22 Allan CORNET bug 4996 95/195/4
2010-04-21 Allan CORNET bug 4985 54/154/4
2009-09-30 Sylvestre Ledru Remove all non-mandatory header file. See SEP #35 for...
2009-09-16 Sylvestre Ledru Install all headers into the same directory (binary...
2009-08-28 Allan CORNET better way to do dll (io module)
2009-08-21 Allan CORNET remove sci_diary.c
2009-08-19 antoine ELIAS prepare to C++ api
2009-07-30 Allan CORNET add api_scilab path
2009-07-30 Allan CORNET bug 4697
2009-05-28 antoine ELIAS list api + hdf5
2009-05-13 Allan CORNET move exec,execstr in functions (end bug 3193)
2009-05-13 Allan CORNET move getf in functions module
2009-05-12 Allan CORNET move deff in functions modules
2009-05-11 Allan CORNET bug 4489
2009-05-11 Allan CORNET move lib in functions module
2009-05-07 Pierre MARECHAL Fix Makefiles in order to compile sci_export_to_hdf5.cpp
2009-05-06 Allan CORNET move disp in output_stream
2009-05-05 Allan CORNET bug 3668
2009-05-04 Allan CORNET move files io to fileio
2009-04-30 Allan CORNET move fileinfo in fileio & split fileinfo
2009-04-27 Allan CORNET remove files headers
2009-04-20 Allan CORNET remove intdiary.f
2009-01-29 Allan CORNET bug 3884
2009-01-20 Allan CORNET remove intgetenv.f
2008-10-07 Sylvestre Ledru provide check-code target to use splint
2008-09-13 Sylvestre Ledru Beginning of the VPATH management
2008-03-06 Sylvestre Ledru * numbering of version added to the libraries
2008-02-28 Sylvestre Ledru Change of the order of compilation ... change of the...
2008-02-21 Pierre Marechal Add missing headers/.h
2008-01-31 Sylvestre Ledru licence.txt => license.txt
2007-12-20 Sylvestre Ledru By default, we use STRING_V2 instead of string... the...
2007-11-23 Sylvestre Ledru make check in the root dire will launch ALL the test...
2007-11-18 Sylvestre Ledru bug 2610 fixed + non regression test added ... One...
2007-10-29 Bruno Jofret Output_stream includes
2007-10-08 Sylvestre Ledru File removed atm
2007-10-06 Sylvestre Ledru Not yet included in scilab
2007-10-05 Sylvestre Ledru make check will now launch unitaries tests
2007-08-30 Allan Cornet update makefiles
2007-08-30 Allan Cornet move files
2007-07-23 Sylvestre Ledru Include to fileio added
2007-06-13 Allan Cornet rewrite host & unix primitives
2007-06-13 Allan Cornet rewrite getio primitive
2007-06-13 Allan Cornet rewrite getpid primitive
2007-06-01 Sylvestre Ledru VERSION.xml => version.xml (lower case like readme...
2007-04-25 Sylvestre Ledru Change in the make install ...
2007-04-17 Sylvestre Ledru target sharedir changed (used in the make install)
2007-04-14 Allan Cornet convert get_absolute_file_path macro to a C primitive
2007-04-13 Sylvestre Ledru * isdir is now native (instead of a scilab macro)
2007-04-12 Allan Cornet add VERSION.xml in VS projects and .am
2007-04-11 Allan Cornet move sci_gateway/<module> to sci_gateway/<module>_gatew...
2007-03-13 Allan Cornet io (.lib --> .dll)
2007-02-20 Sylvestre Ledru Should take all the macros (sci, sce, bin) from macros...
2007-02-15 Sylvestre Ledru * Comments
2007-02-09 Allan Cornet update C2F(getenvc)
2007-01-26 Sylvestre Ledru Make install had problem with Macros / some makefile...
2007-01-18 Sylvestre Ledru *
2007-01-12 Sylvestre Ledru Modifications in the makefile :
2007-01-10 Sylvestre Ledru Libs installed in /usr/lib/scilab instead of /usr/lib/
2007-01-09 Sylvestre Ledru Libraries prefixed by sci
2007-01-03 Sylvestre Ledru Snif, automake cannot help me here... bouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2007-01-02 Sylvestre Ledru Better compilation process (make install-html ...
2007-01-02 Sylvestre Ledru Draft of the make install for html (crappy and buggy)
2006-12-15 Sylvestre Ledru beginning of the Make install
2006-11-22 Sylvestre Ledru an other way of disabling optimisation
2006-10-30 Sylvestre Ledru Finally disable the optimisation for some files
2006-10-11 Sylvestre Ledru stuff clean / optimisation disable for some files ...
2006-10-11 Allan Cornet add newest primitive
2006-10-06 Sylvestre Ledru DEPENDENCIES is not useful (this info is provided also...
2006-09-21 Sylvestre Ledru * Many changes :
2006-09-20 Sylvestre Ledru new compilation systeme