cosmetic, rename functions
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / jvm / sci_gateway / c / gw_jvm.c
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into YaSp 61/7861/3
2012-03-07 Antoine ELIAS Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/maste... 98/6598/3
2012-02-27 Antoine ELIAS all gw_*.c function check/alloc pvApiCtx. checkInputArg... 75/6475/2
2012-02-24 Allan CORNET remove stack-c.h where it is no more required 28/6428/4
2011-10-27 Antoine ELIAS replug dynamic load of modules 99/5299/7
2011-05-11 Bruno JOFRET classpath added through windows compilation 96/3996/4
2010-11-26 Antoine ELIAS add jvm_gw windows project and add system_getproperty... 03/2603/3
2010-07-09 antoine ELIAS rewrite size function, add getscilabmode function and... 45/1245/3
2009-09-10 Allan CORNET remove hard coded values
2009-08-28 Allan CORNET better way to do dll (jvm module)
2009-05-28 Allan CORNET bug 3580
2008-09-26 Sylvestre Ledru Update of the license file + cosmetic
2008-02-19 Allan Cornet rename int C2F(gw_module_name)(void) by int gw_module_n...
2008-02-18 Allan Cornet remove line /*------*/ before license
2008-02-15 Allan Cornet Add license header (jvm module)
2007-11-23 Sylvestre Ledru Comment line goes on 80 chars only
2007-11-05 Allan Cornet update VS solution with localization include
2007-10-19 Sylvestre Ledru Update of the sources for localization
2007-10-04 Sylvestre Ledru \r\n => \n everywhere ... I hope it won't broke anythi...
2007-09-10 Allan Cornet call gateway
2007-09-07 Allan Cornet setproperty
2007-07-03 Allan Cornet gateways calls callFunctionFromGateway (factorized...
2007-06-11 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2007-06-09 Allan Cornet add javalibrarypath function
2007-05-29 Allan Cornet java by default
2007-05-28 Sylvestre Ledru * if Scilab has been compiled with the option WITHOUT_J...
2007-05-13 Allan Cornet add system_property("property_name")
2007-05-06 Allan Cornet add javaclasspath(...) primitive
2007-05-03 Allan Cornet add gateway to jvm module