linear_algebra plugged.
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / linear_algebra / src / c / invert_matrix.c
2011-09-28 Cedric Delamarre linear_algebra plugged. 03/4803/5
2009-07-17 Bernard HUGUENEY fix copyrights string format
2009-05-04 Bernard HUGUENEY fix warnings in linear_algebra invert_matrix
2009-03-13 Bernard HUGUENEY whitespace injection and removal of debug code
2009-03-12 Bernard HUGUENEY Merge branch 'sas' of into sas
2009-03-12 Bernard HUGUENEY commit before rebase
2009-03-12 Bruno JOFRET Fill header file.
2009-03-11 Bernard HUGUENEY use pythag
2009-03-09 Bernard HUGUENEY remove suprious debug info in sci_inv and add dlamch...
2009-03-06 Bruno JOFRET Remove new function and use Lapack one.
2009-03-03 Bernard HUGUENEY remove debug output
2009-03-02 Bernard HUGUENEY added comment in moldules/linear_algebra/src/c/inverse_...
2009-02-27 Bernard HUGUENEY SAS-iffication of linear_algebra/sci_inv