Bug 12235 fixed: Matplot did not update on color_map change
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / renderer / includes /
2012-07-19 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] ObjectStructure.h 94/8194/1
2012-07-17 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] Scilab/Java old interaction. 63/8063/2
2012-07-16 Vincent COUVERT Fix typo: occured ==> occurred 88/7988/4
2012-07-16 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] old setJava* methods. 52/7952/2
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] Renderer Basic Algo useless implementation. 42/7942/3
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaIsAbleToCreateWindow. 41/7941/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] getJava*Ticks. 38/7938/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaViewport. 37/7937/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaAutoResizeMode. 34/7934/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaSegsBoundingBox. 33/7933/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaBoundingBox. 32/7932/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaPixelCoordinates. 31/7931/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaAntialiasingQuality. 29/7929/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaWindowPosition. 28/7928/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaWindowSize. 26/7926/1
2012-07-13 Bruno JOFRET [Delete] sciGetJavaPixelBoundingBox. 24/7924/1
2012-06-08 Vincent COUVERT Plug rubberbox function : 82/7382/14
2012-03-30 Bruno JOFRET Plug back interactive Zoom, using MVC. 20/6720/14
2012-03-02 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] Renderer Components: 76/6576/2
2012-03-02 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] GraphicSynchronization. 74/6574/2
2012-03-02 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] BuildDrawingObserver. 72/6572/2
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sciSetJavaWindowPosition. 46/6546/1
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sci{Set,Init}ScreenPosition. 45/6545/1
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sciSetJavaWindowSize. 34/6534/1
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sci{Set,Get}JavaInfoMessage. 32/6532/1
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sciSetJavaColormap. 31/6531/1
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sci{Set,Get}JavaFigureSize. 30/6530/1
2012-02-29 Bruno JOFRET [Remove] sciGetJavaColormap. 17/6517/1
2012-02-13 Manuel Juliachs xchange C function implemented: 99/6199/3
2012-02-08 Manuel Juliachs geom3d C function implemented: 65/6165/4
2012-02-01 Manuel Juliachs CallRenderer JNI framework added to the renderer module: 37/6137/2
2010-12-19 Paul Griffiths Fixes bug #7836. The sub_tics property was not correctl... 56/1756/11
2010-03-26 Sylvestre Ledru No longer build libscirenderer-disable.la (useless...
2010-02-26 Sylvestre Ledru No longer build libscirenderer-disable.la (useless...
2009-10-14 Sylvestre Ledru BOOL => void. Bad commit
2009-10-14 Allan CORNET fix declaration function sciSetJavaTitle
2009-05-28 Allan CORNET bug 3580
2009-04-28 Allan CORNET cleaning headers (windows)
2009-02-16 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Add anti_aliasing property for figures. Testing for...
2009-01-21 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix bug 3991
2008-12-18 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Add routines for enabling/disabling double buffering...
2008-12-09 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Avoid Scilab crash when throwing uncaught C++ exceptions
2008-11-19 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix bug 3080
2008-11-17 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Remove duplication of infoMessage storing. This allows...
2008-11-17 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Separate interactive zoom from Scilab thread
2008-11-14 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Handle interactive rotation almost only in Java
2008-09-24 Jean-baptiste Silvy Should fix bug 3577 (only appears on some low-end confi...
2008-09-23 Allan Cornet remove relative path
2008-09-18 Allan Cornet bug 3549 (windows part)
2008-09-04 Jean-baptiste Silvy (Re)fix bug 805.
2008-08-29 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix text transparency issue.
2008-08-27 Jean-baptiste Silvy Should fix bug 3405.
2008-08-25 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix a memory leak in sci_xclick.
2008-08-24 Allan Cornet xlfont load true type fonts by filename
2008-08-20 Allan Cornet copyright
2008-08-19 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2008-08-14 Jean-baptiste Silvy Speed up stringbox (and consequently old xstringl):
2008-08-07 Allan Cornet xlfont
2008-07-11 Jean-baptiste Silvy - Add a function to get available Java memory.
2008-07-10 Jean-baptiste Silvy - Improve Scilab Robustness.
2008-06-20 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix bug 3115.
2008-06-13 Jean-baptiste Silvy Remove rendering enable function, which is not useful...
2008-06-12 Jean-baptiste Silvy Reactivate xselect and show_window routines.
2008-06-05 Jean-baptiste Silvy Allow to change axes_size (and then figure size accordi...
2008-05-27 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add move method.
2008-05-21 Jean-baptiste Silvy Use zooming cursor when needed.
2008-04-29 Jean-baptiste Silvy Speed up a little text rendering.
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Create a hack to make pixmap mode working.
2008-04-16 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add rotate_axes primitive.
2008-04-09 Vincent Couvert figure_name property mapped to Java
2008-04-07 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add interactive zoom_rect.
2008-04-05 Allan Cornet removes PARAMS where we do not need
2008-03-17 Jean-baptiste Silvy Change rubber box into a primitive.
2008-03-07 Jean-baptiste Silvy Use a more simple background drawing.
2008-03-03 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add scrollbars and temporary patch for Scicos launching...
2008-02-21 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix champ.
2008-02-19 Sylvestre Koumar Licence (header) added
2008-02-19 Allan Cornet rename int C2F(gw_module_name)(void) by int gw_module_n...
2008-02-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix xclick in drawlater mode.
2008-02-13 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix stringbox and move xstringl into a macro.
2008-02-01 Sylvestre Ledru bad Include ... thanks Vincent
2008-01-22 Jean-baptiste Silvy Reorganize graphic_export module in order to remove...
2008-01-18 Allan Cornet add path "graphic_export" path in VS project
2008-01-16 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add drawing of title label.
2008-01-15 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add drawing of X, Y and Z labels.
2008-01-10 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add C++ functions for bitmap export.
2008-01-07 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add zoom functions.
2007-12-14 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix scf and gcf freezing Scilab bugs.
2007-12-06 Jean-baptiste Silvy RReduce calls to Jni for the drawing of axes box.
2007-11-27 Jean-baptiste Silvy Begin interfacing logarithmic mode.
2007-11-23 Sylvestre Ledru Comment line goes on 80 chars only
2007-11-05 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add drawing of filled text.
2007-10-18 Jean-baptiste Silvy Rewrite geom3d function.
2007-09-04 Jean-baptiste Silvy Create classes for polyline rendering.
2007-07-20 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add synchronization routines for graphics data.
2007-07-03 Jean-baptiste Silvy Interface margins and axes bounds properties.
2007-06-27 Jean-baptiste Silvy Add figure object properties.
2007-06-18 Sylvestre Ledru those files are used from other modules then they must...
2007-06-13 Allan Cornet add renderer module (not finished)