[scicos] dia.ref updated
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / scicos / tests / unit_tests / model / SuperBlock.dia.ref
2020-02-21 Cedric Delamarre [scicos] dia.ref updated 87/21387/2
2019-02-07 Clément DAVID Xcos: fix memleak on MVC objects after 238f0650 96/20796/7
2019-02-07 Clément DAVID Scicos: fix programmation typo that invalidate some... 19/20819/3
2019-01-30 Clément DAVID Scicos tests: regen dia.ref after fixes 09/20709/7
2018-07-26 Clément DAVID Scicos: speedup model transformation #2 48/19348/24
2018-03-28 Clément DAVID Scicos tests: fix most of failing tests 86/19886/2
2018-03-27 Paul Bignier Scicos tests: regen ref files 00/19800/2
2017-07-06 Clément DAVID Scicos tests: re-generate dia.ref after bug fixes 23/19323/2
2016-12-14 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: enable multiple Play & Compile 91/18791/2
2016-11-28 Clément DAVID Scicos: refactor DiagramAdapter / BlockAdapter 38/18638/9
2016-09-01 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: fix after 4b9d000e 94/18494/4
2016-04-25 Clément DAVID Xcos: regenerate dia.ref after a32de262 14/18014/8
2016-04-21 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: remove 'flip' & 'theta' properties 61/18061/6
2016-04-08 Clément DAVID Scicos: map flip and mirror properties to STYLE 22/17822/5
2015-12-17 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: fix diagram cloning 48/17548/7
2015-12-07 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: update tests and log DEBUG_LEVEL 16/17516/2
2015-11-03 Clément DAVID Xcos model: use vec2var encoding for EQUATIONS 16/17416/3
2015-10-28 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: Fixed objects content for compatibility betwe... 19/17119/8
2015-10-27 Paul Bignier Scicos tests: fix default values and regenerate ref... 04/17404/1
2015-10-13 Paul Bignier Scicos tests: regenerate ref files with COLOR property 15/17315/1
2015-10-09 Paul Bignier Scicos tests: regenerate ref files after referencing... 01/17301/1
2015-08-28 Antoine ELIAS add "CLI SHELL MODE" in all tests that do not have : 21/17121/7
2015-08-19 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: fix default 'wpar' property 65/17065/1
2015-08-12 Marcos CARDINOT Revert "Merge branch 'master' into palette-browser" 23/17023/1
2015-07-03 Clément DAVID Xcos MVC: log adapters errors using the LoggerView 46/15846/5
2015-06-25 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: fix default 'exprs' 14/16714/2
2015-05-29 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: give default values to scs_m.props.options... 95/16495/3
2015-02-26 Clément DAVID Xcos MVC: fix deletion modification after aa31b0364c 44/16044/2
2015-02-20 Clément DAVID Xcos MVC: reference counter instead of shared_ptr 17/15917/6
2015-02-16 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: use var2vec and vec2var to encode and decode... 33/15933/13
2015-01-29 Antoine ELIAS Xcos MVC : fix trouble with MSVC copy constructor 77/15877/4
2015-01-26 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: allow integer column vectors in nzcross and... 53/15853/2
2015-01-20 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: allow lists in 'exprs' (not dummy ones) 72/15772/12
2014-12-15 Clément DAVID Scicos tests: use scicos_log on tests 84/15684/3
2014-12-08 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: properly clone model objects to access sub... 81/15581/18
2014-11-20 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: fixes to load LV.cosf 52/15552/4
2014-11-20 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC tests: regenerate to satisfy display 74/15574/2
2014-11-18 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC tests: replace display check by assert_checkequal 07/15507/6
2014-11-17 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: deprecate all Adapters' toString (use overload) 26/15426/8
2014-11-10 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: 'exprs' now allow Modelica tlists 82/15382/5
2014-11-10 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: implement 'equations' 67/15367/10
2014-11-10 Clément DAVID Xcos MVC: Avoid leaking memory and pass the tests 27/15427/23
2014-10-10 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: implement 'odstate' and 'opar' for real,... 52/15352/8
2014-10-10 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: Allow Link addition before Block addition... 26/15326/6
2014-10-06 Paul Bignier Xcos MVC: Make 'model' display compliant with Scilab... 71/15271/5