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2012-03-12 Clément DAVID Packaging: fix wrong FSF address 79/6679/1
2011-07-29 Clément DAVID Scicos: remove any reference to scicos_menus 33/4633/3
2011-04-20 Sylvestre Ledru Duplicated or deprecated tests. See modules/xcos/tests... 65/3865/2
2010-06-09 Allan CORNET bug 7212 wrong cflag and long pathname not managed 35/835/4
2010-05-10 Pierre MARECHAL Bug 5149 fixed: test_run(): Calls to exec functions... 99/399/4
2010-04-14 Allan CORNET bug 6903 78/78/2
2010-03-08 Allan CORNET MSDOS replaced by getos() == 'Windows'
2010-02-05 Allan CORNET fix lincos & steadycos tests in scicos module
2010-02-01 Allan CORNET merge with master (build windows)
2009-11-13 Allan CORNET scicos_getvalue required
2009-11-13 Allan CORNET bug 5339
2009-10-22 Allan CORNET update test
2009-08-09 Serge Steer bug_4715 fix
2009-08-08 Serge Steer bug_4715 fix
2009-08-08 Serge Steer Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/5.1'
2009-08-08 Serge Steer debugging trace removed
2009-08-08 Serge Steer bug 4715 fix
2009-08-05 Allan CORNET replaces message by messagebox
2009-08-03 Allan CORNET bug 4156
2009-08-03 Allan CORNET update refs
2009-06-30 Yann Collette update the reference of the scicos test - scicos module
2009-05-13 Allan CORNET replaces getf (obsolete) by exec
2009-02-26 Allan CORNET ilib_verbose SEP#17 TO DO: level 2
2009-02-11 Pierre MARECHAL Clean the test
2009-02-11 Pierre MARECHAL Clean the test
2009-01-14 Allan CORNET update ref
2009-01-08 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Merge commit 'refs/remotes/origin/graphic'
2009-01-07 Simone Mannori old Scicos blocks updated to Scilab 5.1 graphic
2009-01-06 Allan CORNET bug 3898 3897 3896 3895
2008-10-28 Pierre MARECHAL Merge commit 'refs/heads/5.0'
2008-10-28 Pierre MARECHAL Fix EOL Style
2008-10-27 Pierre MARECHAL Fix EOL style
2008-10-21 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Add non reg test for bug 3484
2008-10-03 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2008-09-08 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2008-09-01 Simone Mannori this file was missed; now works
2008-08-29 Allan Cornet update scicos.tst (Thanks Simoné)
2008-08-27 Simone Mannori Reference files for Scicos functions testing. N.B....
2008-08-27 Allan Cornet add ref (thanks simone)
2008-08-08 Laurent VAYLET Debug files
2008-08-08 Laurent VAYLET Added Windows reference files
2008-08-08 Laurent VAYLET Fixed paths (relative->absolute and V4->V5)
2008-08-07 Laurent VAYLET First Modelica non-regression test - More to come
2008-07-15 Allan Cornet update tests & ref
2008-07-09 Laurent VAYLET Minor update (cosmetics)
2008-07-08 Laurent VAYLET Temporary helper file, not needed anymore
2008-07-07 Laurent VAYLET SlimFast-ed reference files (Scilab binaries are alread...
2008-07-07 Laurent VAYLET Deleted debug files
2008-07-07 Laurent VAYLET Deleted <OS>.res.ref (#2, cf rev 25749)
2008-07-07 Laurent VAYLET Deleted <OS>.res.ref files (almost duplicate of <OS...
2008-06-25 Laurent VAYLET Completed Unix reference set + Added whole Windows...
2008-06-25 Laurent VAYLET Refactored and cleaned code + Added some more debug...
2008-06-25 Laurent VAYLET Updated whole Unix reference set
2008-06-25 Laurent VAYLET Increased 'dt' in context for lighter result files...
2008-06-19 Laurent VAYLET Better error handling + User can now ask for only a...
2008-06-19 Laurent VAYLET Fixed a bug on output filenames + Added some details...
2008-06-19 Laurent VAYLET Minor update
2008-06-19 Laurent VAYLET Added 4 more non-regression tests + Unix reference...
2008-06-19 Laurent VAYLET Renamed reference files and output files to match those...
2008-06-19 Laurent VAYLET Renamed reference files for Scicos tests to match those...
2008-06-19 Laurent VAYLET Removed DEBUG block (used to debug accuracy issues)
2008-06-18 Laurent VAYLET Do not quit Scilab when tests are finished
2008-06-18 Laurent VAYLET The output now looks like the one in test_run()
2008-06-17 Laurent VAYLET New reference files for Scicos non-regression tests...
2008-06-17 Laurent VAYLET Output and reference files are different on Windows...
2008-06-16 Laurent VAYLET Updated launcher of Scicos non-regression tests
2008-06-16 Laurent VAYLET Deleted useless files
2008-06-16 Laurent VAYLET Added (or rather moved - cf. commit 25389) some helper...
2008-05-29 Simone Mannori lincos and steadycos unit test
2008-05-29 Pierre Marechal revert commit 25069
2008-05-29 Simone Mannori update modules/scicos/macros/scicos_scicos/do_load...
2008-05-05 Laurent VAYLET Better detection of Scilab version
2008-04-29 Laurent VAYLET Update
2008-04-29 Laurent VAYLET Now Windows-compatible + simpler behavior + minor updates
2008-04-22 Laurent VAYLET Updated Scicos test framework
2008-03-31 Laurent VAYLET Cosmetics + suppressed loading of 'launchtest.sci'
2008-03-11 Laurent VAYLET Adde license header
2008-02-29 Laurent VAYLET Cleanup
2008-02-29 Laurent VAYLET Even more precision for even more different results...
2008-02-29 Laurent VAYLET Actually, no need for screenshots to be under SVN control
2008-02-29 Laurent VAYLET Forgot these two...
2008-02-29 Laurent VAYLET Added screenshots for all tests (easier and faster...
2008-02-27 Laurent VAYLET Added 3 new tests
2008-02-27 Laurent VAYLET Even more accurate results
2008-02-26 Laurent VAYLET Typo and cosmetics
2008-02-26 Laurent VAYLET Added a title to graphics
2008-02-25 Laurent VAYLET More robust
2008-02-25 Laurent VAYLET Function to compare results
2008-02-25 Laurent VAYLET Force compilation before launching simulation
2008-02-25 Laurent VAYLET More debug info
2008-02-25 Laurent VAYLET Typo
2008-02-25 Laurent VAYLET Smaller result files resulting in faster comparisons
2008-02-24 Laurent VAYLET Updated reference results
2008-02-24 Laurent VAYLET Added reference results for new tests
2008-02-24 Laurent VAYLET Added 5 new tests to discover where small inaccuracies...
2008-02-24 Laurent VAYLET Useless tests
2008-02-24 Laurent VAYLET Minor updates
2008-02-22 Laurent VAYLET Added 3 tests - Updated 1 test
2008-02-21 Laurent VAYLET Minor update
2008-02-20 Laurent VAYLET One more test + Updated launchtest.sci: create a subfol...