Avoid overloading of a Windows API function making compilation fail under Windows
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / scicos_blocks / src / c / scoWindowScope.c
2011-05-11 Bruno JOFRET Fix scope display when ending simulation: causes some... 03/4003/2
2011-04-28 Clément DAVID * bug 8630 fixed - Scopes crashed Scilab on simulation... 67/3867/2
2011-03-10 Yuri Chornoivan Fix a typo 85/3485/2
2011-01-22 Sylvestre Ledru Unused variables 81/2981/2
2010-05-21 Allan CORNET build scilab x64 with VS 2010 (compatibility) 10/710/2
2010-02-01 Allan CORNET merge with master (build windows)
2009-11-24 Allan CORNET check ptr values & do nothing if NULL
2009-09-23 Vincent COUVERT Merge commit 'origin/master' into scicos
2009-09-21 Bruno JOFRET Merge commit 'origin/5.1'
2009-09-21 Pierre LANDO Fix bug 4431 : xsegs() accept z argument
2009-09-01 Allan CORNET better way to do dll (scicos module) + remove some...
2009-07-21 Serge Steer error in scoDrawScopeAmplitudeTimeStyle update formula...
2009-07-16 Serge Steer to make scope bufferisation work as before
2009-07-15 Serge Steer efficiency improved
2009-06-30 Allan CORNET cleaning + check variables + ...
2009-06-29 Allan CORNET add localization include
2009-06-26 Allan CORNET factorized code ...
2009-06-23 Allan CORNET remove extern , add include, cleaning , ...
2009-06-04 Allan CORNET warnings ...
2009-06-04 Allan CORNET window title from block label
2009-04-08 Allan CORNET warnings
2009-01-27 Simone Mannori default font size is now ONE -was zero-
2009-01-08 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix disappearance of bars when event scopes are resized
2009-01-07 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix scope crash when using segs objects
2009-01-06 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Remove a useless function
2008-12-19 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix disappearing lines in Scicos
2008-10-27 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix scicos compilation
2008-10-27 Jean-Baptiste Silvy Fix Scicos compilation
2008-09-26 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix compilation under Linux.
2008-09-26 Jean-baptiste Silvy Still cleaning.
2008-08-20 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix incorrect visibility of longdraw. Must be always...
2008-08-14 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix ticks drawing in scope.
2008-08-13 Jean-baptiste Silvy Fix multicurves scope and recommit changes (please...
2008-08-12 Jean-baptiste Silvy Revert last changes.
2008-08-12 Simone Mannori First batch of real time Scicos scopes. Many thanks...
2008-07-08 Laurent VAYLET Removed debug info
2008-07-03 Simone Mannori first batch of buffered scopes; some debug code is...
2008-06-26 Simone Mannori keep windows position and size if already open
2008-06-11 Jean-baptiste Silvy Simone and JB: Fix color problem with event scope.
2008-05-22 Simone Mannori minor update for Scilab 5
2008-05-16 Simone Mannori a big THANKS to Benoit Bayol and JB for this super...
2008-02-22 Simone Mannori quick update for Scilab 5 alpha -still need some cleaning-
2008-02-21 Simone Mannori quick but insufficient update dor Scilab 5
2008-02-06 Allan Cornet call new graphics functions
2008-02-06 Allan Cornet add include
2008-02-06 Allan Cornet sciSetText 2nd parameter
2008-02-06 Allan Cornet add some includes
2008-02-04 Allan Cornet add scicos_blocks projects (C part)
2008-02-01 Sylvestre Ledru Scicos & scicos_block compiles under Linux
2008-01-31 Allan Cornet copy SCI/routines/scicos/*.c to SCI/modules/scicos...
2011-07-18 Bruno JOFRET Fix scicos_blocks using --enable-stop-on-warning 07/4507/1
2011-06-21 Bruno JOFRET Initial step : 42/4242/9