fix closure of last <File> in result xml file and add contribution message
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / slint / src / cpp / SLintXmlResult.cpp
2016-03-30 Antoine ELIAS fix closure of last <File> in result xml file and add... 10/18010/2 slint-cnes
2016-03-30 Antoine ELIAS Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into slint... 12/18012/1
2016-02-02 Pierre-Aime Agnel License Header change: Removed the LICENSE_END before... 59/17759/2
2016-01-27 Pierre-Aime Agnel GPL + CeCILL Header change 34/17734/5
2015-11-27 Calixte DENIZET Slint: fix bugs and add CSV output for CNES 03/17503/2
2015-11-17 Calixte DENIZET SLint: fix bugs 63/17463/1
2015-11-05 Calixte DENIZET Slint: avoid crash when destination file can't be created 15/17415/2
2015-10-19 Calixte DENIZET Add a lint tool for Scilab's code 10/17110/13