declaration moved in the *.cpp. Otherwise, the other source codes including isCoordIn...
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / types / includes / types.hxx
2013-09-26 Sylvestre Ledru declaration moved in the *.cpp. Otherwise, the other... 82/12682/1
2012-11-06 Cedric Delamarre reshape added in boolean sparse. 67/9567/5
2012-01-25 Antoine ELIAS add reshape function in arrayOf 75/5875/3
2012-01-11 Antoine ELIAS adding sparse management via Eigen library 58/5858/3
2011-11-22 Antoine ELIAS kernel speed improvement 86/5486/3
2011-07-04 Iuri de Silvio Add types dependency to mexlib. 67/4167/9
2011-06-16 Allan CORNET types moved as dll 84/4184/3
2011-02-24 Antoine ELIAS template and multi dimension 89/3089/12
2010-12-20 Bruno JOFRET Clean includes. 94/2794/3
2010-11-09 Antoine ELIAS replace internaltype** by vector<internaltype*> 25/2425/4
2010-11-04 Antoine ELIAS allow insertion of [] in string variable 06/2406/1
2010-10-11 Bruno JOFRET Revert "Move types size to size_t" 66/2266/1
2010-10-07 Bruno JOFRET Move types size to size_t 69/2169/3
2010-07-15 antoine ELIAS convert char to wchar_t 09/1309/8
2010-06-18 antoine ELIAS improve clone management in cell and struct, allow... 43/1043/2
2010-05-18 antoine ELIAS add getShortTypeStr function in all types + typo 38/638/2
2010-04-27 antoine ELIAS display cell and cell creation by {} 80/280/4
2010-02-12 antoine ELIAS remane get function to get_col_value and fix extract_va...
2010-02-11 antoine ELIAS convert API to scilab 6
2010-01-13 Bruno JOFRET Expand pure virtual methods
2010-01-11 Bruno JOFRET Move typedef to upper class
2010-01-08 Bruno JOFRET Clean attributes and includes
2009-09-22 antoine ELIAS convert Int class to templated Int class
2009-09-11 antoine ELIAS add core gateway, update ImplicitList for integer type...
2009-09-04 antoine ELIAS add loading macros and delete ast
2009-09-04 antoine ELIAS move types dll to static, move YaspWrite functions...
2009-08-27 antoine ELIAS eye double +/-, or
2009-08-07 Bruno JOFRET Macro class to manage Scilab Functions
2009-04-07 antoine ELIAS change lib static to dynamic for windows
2009-01-07 Antoine ELIAS MatrixPoly::toString and Poly::toString ( not finished )
2008-10-30 Antoine ELIAS display double value for real ( row,column, matrix...
2008-10-24 Antoine ELIAS add system_env & function management
2008-10-20 Antoine ELIAS add YaSp modules