add runvisitor hierarchy
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / types / src / cpp / function.cpp
2010-03-26 antoine ELIAS add runvisitor hierarchy
2010-03-24 Antoine ELIAS fix mistake uses between delete[], delete and free
2010-02-24 antoine ELIAS check valid order on returns values
2010-02-22 antoine ELIAS manage ans after old gateway call
2010-02-12 antoine ELIAS remane get function to get_col_value and fix extract_va...
2010-02-11 antoine ELIAS convert API to scilab 6
2010-02-09 Antoine ELIAS convert api to scilab 6 kernel (1)
2010-01-13 Bruno JOFRET Expand pure virtual methods
2010-01-08 Bruno JOFRET name and module are now Callable's attributes
2009-09-03 antoine ELIAS rand, testmatrix, tril, triu, zeros, ...
2009-08-31 Simon Lipp add a Callable class
2009-08-26 antoine ELIAS Lhs != 1, fake stack, macro function call and start...
2009-08-21 antoine ELIAS changes for allow gateway in C (windows)
2009-07-03 Bruno JOFRET Windows compilation trouble
2009-05-18 Bruno JOFRET Try to have old GW style and new together
2009-03-02 Antoine ELIAS merge
2008-10-30 Antoine ELIAS display double value for real ( row,column, matrix...
2008-10-24 Antoine ELIAS add system_env & function management
2008-10-20 Antoine ELIAS add YaSp modules