Typo fix in 'Cont-Disc Observer' Xcos demo
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / xcos / demos / Cont.Disc-Observer.xcos
2013-04-02 Paul BIGNIER Typo fix in 'Cont-Disc Observer' Xcos demo 82/11182/2
2012-10-24 Paul BIGNIER Corrected typos 07/9507/2
2011-03-04 Clément DAVID Xcos demos: add comments about Xcos basic semantics... 75/3375/2
2011-01-17 Clément DAVID Xcos: reset the origin of the Cont. Plant-Hybrid Observ... 49/2849/2
2010-12-23 Clément DAVID Xcos: update the demos to the latest improvements 38/2538/7
2010-09-08 Clément DAVID Xcos: update the Kalman filter and Cont-Plant-Hybrid... 35/1835/2
2010-09-02 Clément DAVID Xcos: indent all demos to ease the codereview. 86/1786/2
2010-04-22 Clément DAVID Xcos: Update diagram format and demos 91/191/2
2010-02-23 Clément DAVID Xcos: unlock the diagram
2010-02-09 Yann Collette aesthetic changes in some demos
2009-12-10 Yann Collette update the xcos demos to the new xcos format + adapt...
2009-11-04 Yann Collette fix bug 5181 - the Cont.Disc-Observer demos explodes
2009-10-29 Yann Collette convert the Cont.Disc-Observer to xcos and add it in...