API compatibility with jgraphx-
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2010-01-11 Clément DAVID Comment and indent
2009-11-05 Allan SIMON checkstyle
2009-10-28 antoine ELIAS disable multi connection from and to a port, update...
2009-10-09 Vincent COUVERT Should not have been pushed
2009-10-09 Vincent COUVERT Clean shortcuts + bugs fixed
2009-10-09 Vincent COUVERT Add a toolbar to the palettes window
2009-10-07 Vincent COUVERT Viewport hidden by default + menu View/Viewport activated
2009-10-06 Pierre MARECHAL Shortcut management is now platform independent (Xcos)
2009-10-05 Vincent COUVERT Activate menus
2009-09-30 Vincent COUVERT Xcos toolbar
2009-09-30 Vincent COUVERT All Xcos menus are now created...callbacks are still...
2009-09-30 Vincent COUVERT Menus improvements: localization, code factorization...
2009-08-07 Bruno JOFRET Enable actions
2009-08-07 Bruno JOFRET First Xcos step