API compatibility with jgraphx-
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / xcos / src / java / org / scilab / modules / xcos / block / BasicBlock.java
2010-01-11 Clément DAVID API compatibility with jgraphx-
2010-01-11 Clément DAVID Use the model style values instead of the view values
2010-01-08 Clément DAVID Add an orientation field to each port. This field indic...
2010-01-06 Clément DAVID Checkstyle
2010-01-04 Clément DAVID Rework each block constructor : adding a setDefaultValu...
2010-01-04 Clément DAVID Remove initial values as default values are the same
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID *Block: resuse local default constructors (only 1 call...
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID *Block: reuse constructor
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID BasicBlock.java: refactor constructor (reuse default...
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID BasicBlock.java: extract the creation methods to BlockF...
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID SimulationFunctionType: indent
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID SimulationFunctionType: Comment
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID SimulationFunctionType rework, use Java enum approach.
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID Indent
2009-12-21 Clément DAVID Merge branch '5.2' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab into 5.2
2009-12-21 Allan SIMON fix bug 5508 When loading a xcos project, hdf5 files...
2009-12-21 Clément DAVID Use exception to handle Interpreter error return values.
2009-12-18 Clément DAVID Adding more semantic when using Scilab command execution
2009-12-17 Clément DAVID bug 5660: teh Eselect block was not working (simulation...
2009-12-14 Clément DAVID Update only style variable when a parent diagram is...
2009-12-14 Clément DAVID Manage the flip and mirror properties the same way
2009-12-11 Clément DAVID Refactor: move block actions to org.scilab.modules...
2009-12-11 Clément DAVID Refactor: Move diagrams to org.scilab.modules.xcos...
2009-12-11 Clément DAVID Protect the lock flag against concurrent access
2009-12-11 Clément DAVID Format
2009-12-11 Clément DAVID CLKOUT_f is now typed as an EventOutBlock
2009-12-10 Clément DAVID Adding mask and unmask operations and simple actionner
2009-12-10 Clément DAVID The format menu can now be customized as others menus
2009-12-08 antoine ELIAS loop link have a good geometry reference
2009-12-07 Clément DAVID Remove old TODO and make a one line summary on it
2009-12-07 Clément DAVID Remove block changes management
2009-12-07 Clément DAVID Supress warnings
2009-12-07 Clément DAVID Merge branch '5.2' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab into 5.2
2009-12-07 Clément DAVID Remove warnings
2009-12-04 antoine ELIAS Merge branch '5.2' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab into 5.2
2009-12-04 antoine ELIAS add load as palette option in palette browser
2009-12-03 Clément DAVID Adding local fields to represent style and update function
2009-12-02 antoine ELIAS bug 5530, IN_f, OUT_f and similars blocks accept expres...
2009-12-01 antoine ELIAS Merge branch '5.2' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab into 5.2
2009-12-01 antoine ELIAS block rotation : image rotation, ports order, add mirro...
2009-12-01 Clément DAVID Use MenuItem instead of Menu to really blank the fields
2009-12-01 Clément DAVID Adding a way to costumize context menu on any block
2009-11-27 Clément DAVID the createClone operation must not be used to set block...
2009-11-26 antoine ELIAS bug 5351(2) with split block
2009-11-26 antoine ELIAS bug 5351, remove link on remove port
2009-11-25 antoine ELIAS Merge branch '5.2' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab into 5.2
2009-11-25 antoine ELIAS uniformize HDF5 file extension to H5
2009-11-23 Clément DAVID Fire Superblock update event when a basic block is...
2009-11-19 Clément DAVID Bug 5053 fixed, update of the block aspect when removin...
2009-11-18 antoine ELIAS prevent open block settings twice and crash scilab
2009-11-18 antoine ELIAS remove debug messages
2009-11-18 antoine ELIAS remove connected link when change superblock configuration
2009-11-10 antoine ELIAS Merge branch '5.2' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab into 5.2
2009-11-10 antoine ELIAS change close diagram management
2009-11-10 Yann Collette reorganize the format menu and context menu - bug 5297
2009-11-05 antoine ELIAS refactor basicblock class
2009-11-04 antoine ELIAS xcos copy/paste with links ( thanks Bruno ), openBlockS...
2009-10-30 Bruno JOFRET Add UID in a hidden field
2009-10-30 Bruno JOFRET Change the way Scilab is called
2009-10-29 Bruno JOFRET Correct port number increase / Separate context menu...
2009-10-28 antoine ELIAS disable multi connection from and to a port, update...
2009-10-28 Bruno JOFRET Adding UID on each Xcos Object / Improve file save
2009-10-27 antoine ELIAS fix rotate and flip import from scicos
2009-10-27 Bruno JOFRET Redo some modifications
2009-10-27 Bruno JOFRET Revert "Correct some rotation/flip mix mistake"
2009-10-27 Bruno JOFRET Revert "FIXED bug among port addition and block rotation"
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET Correct some style missing + CONST_m == CONST_f
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET FIXED bug among port addition and block rotation
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET Correct some rotation/flip mix mistake
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET CONST <=> CONST_m
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET Equations are no more lost
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET Force empty list if parameters is not set
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET Force Equations to null
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET Enable color modification for blocks and Links
2009-10-23 Bruno JOFRET Enable Lines color for Link and Blocks
2009-10-23 antoine ELIAS change AFFICH_m style, improve split deletion, split...
2009-10-23 Bruno JOFRET Many blocks are GainBLK
2009-10-23 Bruno JOFRET Remove Mask menu, Add Align blocks capabilities
2009-10-23 Bruno JOFRET Add details on Block Context Menu
2009-10-22 Allan SIMON changed how scilabBoolean are stored and read in .xcos
2009-10-21 antoine ELIAS update link type in scs_m export
2009-10-21 Allan SIMON changed context from string to string[]
2009-10-20 Allan SIMON create standard accessor
2009-10-20 antoine ELIAS add flip and theta management in blockwriter
2009-10-19 antoine ELIAS remove debug messages
2009-10-19 antoine ELIAS remove basicblock calls with param XcosDiagram, fix...
2009-10-19 antoine ELIAS Add XcosDiagram to BasicBlock, refresh Affich in simulation
2009-10-16 Allan SIMON continue XMLisation for xcos
2009-10-16 Vincent COUVERT Add clone action when the block is added using context...
2009-10-16 antoine ELIAS add explicit and implicit ports functions (xcos)
2009-10-15 antoine ELIAS SuperBlock, input output ports
2009-10-15 antoine ELIAS merge
2009-10-15 Bruno JOFRET FIXED Rotation works on multiple selection
2009-10-15 Vincent COUVERT Add menu "Show/Hide shadow"
2009-10-15 Bruno JOFRET FIXED FlipAction, works with multiple selection
2009-10-15 Bruno JOFRET Move codec reader and writer to io
2009-10-14 Bruno JOFRET Set default parameters to null
2009-10-14 antoine ELIAS remove debug messages
2009-10-14 antoine ELIAS force refresh diagram after rotation, all redraw in...
2009-10-14 Bruno JOFRET End with style management