* Bug #12264 fixed - ENDBLK block threw nullpointer exception when double-clicking...
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / xcos / src / java / org / scilab / modules / xcos / block / BlockFactory.java
2012-07-18 Clément DAVID Xcos: manage the CLKSOM_f block as a round one 44/8144/2
2011-11-12 Sylvestre Ledru Fix some UTF-8 encoding issues Clément => Clement 89/5389/1
2011-10-25 Clément DAVID Xcos: format source code 07/5307/1
2011-10-04 Clément DAVID Xcos: remove deprecated blocks implementation 03/5103/3
2011-08-08 Sylvestre Ledru Revert "Xcos: remove deprecated blocks implementation" 84/4684/1
2011-08-08 Clément DAVID Xcos: remove deprecated blocks implementation 21/4421/2
2011-07-01 Clément DAVID Xcos: checkstyle 15/4315/4
2010-08-17 Clément DAVID Xcos: register DSUPER as a specialization of SUPER_f 60/1560/2
2010-07-21 Clément DAVID Xcos: remove block default values 87/1387/3
2010-06-18 Clément DAVID Xcos: port values can be set dynamically 13/613/5
2010-05-25 Clément DAVID Xcos: add a PropertyChangeListener for block parameters 69/569/3
2010-04-01 Clément DAVID Xcos: checkstyle
2010-03-30 Clément DAVID Merge commit 'origin/5.2'
2010-03-30 Clément DAVID Xcos: #5065, some blocks need ports to be spread around...
2010-03-23 Clément DAVID Merge commit 'origin/5.2'
2010-03-23 Clément DAVID Xcos: display simple block datas (#2)
2010-03-23 Clément DAVID Merge commit 'origin/5.2'
2010-03-23 Clément DAVID Xcos: display simple block datas
2010-01-29 Clément DAVID Merge branch '5.2'
2010-01-29 Clément DAVID Use the setDefaultValue method on constructor as this...
2010-01-28 Clément DAVID Checkstyle: comment and indent
2010-01-27 Clément DAVID Generalize BasicBlock.addPort(...)
2010-01-18 Clément DAVID Revert "Apply the default block style if there is no...
2010-01-13 Clément DAVID Justify DAC for the factory
2010-01-13 Clément DAVID Apply the default block style if there is no style
2010-01-12 antoine ELIAS checkStyle
2010-01-11 Clément DAVID Move IOBlocks to a block/io
2010-01-11 Clément DAVID Move minor and port position tweaked blocks to block...
2010-01-11 Clément DAVID Ground and VoltageSensor block customizations (port...
2010-01-05 Clément DAVID Typo fixed on BlockFactory. No more regression on block...
2010-01-05 Clément DAVID Typo
2010-01-05 Clément DAVID Share the reference instance when possible
2010-01-05 Clément DAVID Set the SuperBlock as a final class.
2010-01-05 Clément DAVID Set constructor as protected (use the BlockFactory)
2010-01-04 Clément DAVID Rework each block constructor : adding a setDefaultValu...
2010-01-04 Clément DAVID Adding constraints by keyword and remove unused setValue
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID Comment: the CLKIN_f is absent is it a bug ?
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID Typo fix
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID BasicBlock.java: refactor constructor (reuse default...
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID Remove unnecessary comment
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID Refactor: remove CyclomaticComplexity overrun
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID Comments
2009-12-24 Clément DAVID BasicBlock.java: extract the creation methods to BlockF...