API compatibility with jgraphx-
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / xcos / src / java / org / scilab / modules / xcos / palette / XcosPalette.java
2010-01-11 Clément DAVID API compatibility with jgraphx-
2009-12-04 antoine ELIAS add load as palette option in palette browser
2009-11-20 antoine ELIAS bug 5536, improve palette loading
2009-11-19 Vincent Couvert Bug 5190 fixed
2009-11-18 Clément DAVID Change the palette manager from a tab to a tree
2009-11-06 Vincent COUVERT Test for bug 5190 fix
2009-11-06 Allan SIMON checkstyle
2009-10-29 antoine ELIAS fix palette vertival scrollbar size
2009-10-22 Vincent COUVERT Now use images generated from Xcos in palettes
2009-10-16 Vincent COUVERT Add clone action when the block is added using context...
2009-10-16 Vincent COUVERT Little modifications to context menu
2009-10-16 Vincent COUVERT Add context menu over palettes
2009-10-07 Vincent COUVERT Palettes displayed in the same Tab, now use a JTabbedPa...
2009-10-05 Vincent COUVERT Scrollbar increment
2009-10-02 Vincent COUVERT better scrolling management
2009-10-02 Vincent COUVERT Do not create new instances for icons
2009-09-30 Vincent COUVERT Change icons size
2009-09-30 Vincent COUVERT Add Integer palette
2009-09-30 Vincent COUVERT Add new Xcos palettes
2009-08-07 Bruno JOFRET Enable Menus
2009-08-07 Bruno JOFRET First Xcos step