Xcos GUI: enable Compile action
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / xcos / src / java / org / scilab / modules / xcos / utils / XcosMessages.java
2015-11-30 Paul Bignier Xcos GUI: enable Compile action 11/17511/3
2015-11-20 Clément DAVID Xcos: launch a simulation 59/17459/3
2015-09-29 Paul Bignier Xcos GUI: point 'About Xcos' to 'About Scilab' 69/17269/1
2013-09-13 Vincent COUVERT Uniformisation of Xcos ... 30/12530/3
2013-08-27 Sylvestre Ledru Also update the URL to the CeCILL license. Thanks to... 40/12340/2
2013-07-26 Clément DAVID * Bug #8570 fixed - "Region to superblock" has been... 24/12124/2
2013-07-26 Clément DAVID Xcos palette: fix most of the palette manipulation... 26/12126/2
2013-07-26 Clément DAVID Xcos palettes: add a rename action 23/12123/3
2013-05-06 Clément DAVID * Bug #12568 fixed - "Recent files" menu entry should... 52/11452/2
2013-03-27 Clément DAVID * Bug #5162 fixed - Add an "export all menu" to export... 26/11026/2
2013-03-21 Clément DAVID * Bug #5040 fixed - fit diagram to view did not work... 27/10927/2
2012-08-03 Vincent COUVERT Scilab Enterprises is now the porter of the Scilab... 14/8514/1
2012-07-30 Clément DAVID Xcos: add preferences management 04/8404/3
2012-07-30 Vincent COUVERT Revert "Xcos: add preferences management" 95/8395/1
2012-07-30 Clément DAVID Xcos: add preferences management 13/8313/4
2012-06-07 Clément DAVID * Bug #11017 fixed - In the filter list, we should... 37/7437/3
2012-05-03 Clément DAVID Xcos: bring solvers back 66/7066/4
2012-04-13 Clément DAVID Xcos: add the compressed file format (zcos). 28/2528/11
2012-04-11 Sylvestre Ledru Rename .h5 for .sod (Scilab Open Data format) 02/6902/8
2012-01-18 Clément DAVID Xcos: reduce complexity to detect wrong input block... 65/5365/5
2012-01-18 Clément DAVID Xcos: add an open on Scilab dir action 87/5587/6
2012-01-12 Clément DAVID * Bug #10486 fixed - importXcosDiagram opened a tab. 59/5859/5
2011-12-28 Clément DAVID Xcos: remove not connected links when loading a diagram... 06/5006/12
2011-12-07 Clément DAVID Xcos: add a reset button to the EditFormat action 29/5329/5
2011-11-15 Vincent COUVERT Fix encoding issues 03/5403/1
2011-11-12 Sylvestre Ledru Fix some UTF-8 encoding issues Clément => Clement 89/5389/1
2011-10-25 Clément DAVID Xcos: validate the image URI. 18/5118/6
2011-10-25 Clément DAVID Xcos: format source code 07/5307/1
2011-10-18 Bruno JOFRET `Revert "Xcos: use a SwingWorker to alert the user... 74/5274/1
2011-10-06 Clément DAVID Xcos: use a SwingWorker to alert the user on dump/compi... 98/5098/5
2011-10-04 Clément DAVID Xcos: remove deprecated blocks implementation 03/5103/3
2011-08-08 Sylvestre Ledru Revert "Xcos: remove deprecated blocks implementation" 84/4684/1
2011-08-08 Clément DAVID Xcos: remove deprecated blocks implementation 21/4421/2
2011-07-11 Clément DAVID Xcos: Remove the reference to an Eval command 92/4392/3
2011-06-15 Clément DAVID Xcos: improve the error reporting to be Xcos only. 03/3803/9
2011-05-27 Clément DAVID * Bug 9547 fixed - The about box was not localized... 36/4136/4
2011-04-14 Clément DAVID Xcos: Mixed (Implicit-Explicit) superblocks I/O blocks... 30/3730/2
2010-12-10 Clément DAVID Xcos: fix some issues for customizing blocks 62/2662/8
2010-05-17 Bruno JOFRET Revert "Merge remote branch 'origin/sas' into YaSp" 22/622/1
2010-05-17 Bruno JOFRET Merge remote branch 'origin/sas' into YaSp 93/593/2
2010-04-26 Clément DAVID Xcos: findbugs corrections 71/171/2
2010-04-02 Clément DAVID Xcos: diagram compilation
2010-03-23 Clément DAVID Merge commit 'origin/5.2'
2010-03-23 Clément DAVID Xcos: display simple block datas
2010-03-22 Clément DAVID Xcos: base configuration
2010-03-17 Clément DAVID Xcos: checkstyle
2010-03-16 Clément DAVID Xcos: Palette configuration
2010-03-16 Clément DAVID Xcos: Palette configuration
2010-03-16 Clément DAVID Xcos: Palette and configuration
2010-03-04 Clément DAVID ScilabGraph: must be Xcos independant
2010-03-02 Clément DAVID Xcos: add a window setting to update block properties...
2010-02-23 Bruno JOFRET Adding Modelica configuration within Xcos Menus
2010-01-26 Clément DAVID Add the default view to manage Palette
2010-01-23 Yuri Chornoivan Fix many english typos
2010-01-21 Yuri Chornoivan Fix many english typos
2010-01-13 Clément DAVID Adding Checkstyle suppression filters and associated...
2010-01-12 Clément DAVID Checkstyle
2010-01-11 Clément DAVID Checkstyle
2010-01-05 Clément DAVID The CreateMaskAction generate now an exprs consistent...
2009-12-23 Clément DAVID Translate mask messages
2009-12-15 Vincent COUVERT Bug 5642 fixed
2009-12-15 Clément DAVID Use untraducted tradename and version.
2009-12-15 Clément DAVID Remove unused messages
2009-12-11 antoine ELIAS add capability to draw new links with several points
2009-12-07 Clément DAVID Remove old TODO and make a one line summary on it
2009-12-04 antoine ELIAS add load as palette option in palette browser
2009-12-01 antoine ELIAS Merge branch '5.2' of git@git.scilab.org:scilab into 5.2
2009-12-01 antoine ELIAS block rotation : image rotation, ports order, add mirro...
2009-11-30 Clément DAVID Improve the already connected message
2009-11-27 Clément DAVID Adding a bettre message when the user wants to connect...
2009-11-26 Vincent COUVERT Modification for bug 5310
2009-11-26 Yann Collette fix bug 5423 - add better palette names
2009-11-25 Clément DAVID 5424 default language correction
2009-11-23 Clément DAVID Bettre messages (see th open Action filechooser)
2009-11-20 Clément DAVID Adding XcosFileTypt useful methods
2009-11-19 Clément DAVID Adding a code generation error when not applicable
2009-11-19 Clément DAVID Modification of debug message (discussion on #5419)
2009-11-18 Clément DAVID Corrections and #5419
2009-11-18 Clément DAVID Setting debug level with a list (#5419)
2009-11-18 Clément DAVID Change the palette manager from a tab to a tree
2009-11-14 Sylvestre Ledru inegration => integration
2009-11-13 Vincent COUVERT Palettes cleaning
2009-11-13 Vincent COUVERT Update about box contents
2009-11-12 Clément DAVID Adding information message when compiling on Xcos
2009-11-10 antoine ELIAS exclude orphans ports from selection in superblock...
2009-11-10 antoine ELIAS change close diagram management
2009-11-05 antoine ELIAS update messageboxes with new ScilabModaldialog class
2009-10-30 Bruno JOFRET Duplicate Browser vs Diagram Browser
2009-10-30 Bruno JOFRET Simulation in Progress message
2009-10-30 Bruno JOFRET Code generation info
2009-10-30 Bruno JOFRET Loading Diagram
2009-10-30 Bruno JOFRET Adding info method to explain user what's going on.
2009-10-29 Allan SIMON i18ned setupaction in xcos
2009-10-29 Allan SIMON added debug level menu for Xcos, fix bug 5048
2009-10-28 antoine ELIAS disable multi connection from and to a port, update...
2009-10-28 Allan SIMON begin of support for recent files
2009-10-27 Vincent COUVERT Update message
2009-10-27 Vincent COUVERT Mutualize about boxes foçr Xcos, Editor and Scilab
2009-10-26 Vincent COUVERT Change menu label to be the same as in Scilab
2009-10-26 Bruno JOFRET Adding New link Styles