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2012-11-14 Calixte DENIZET XML: add a function xmlAppend 97/9397/4
2012-11-06 Calixte DENIZET XML: add a function xmlName to retrieve easily names... 57/9557/3
2012-08-07 Guillaume Horel Scilab could not build when the libxml2 was built with... 85/8585/2
2012-03-13 Allan CORNET fix build on windows 87/6687/1
2012-01-25 Sylvestre Ledru Update of the copyrights 59/6059/3
2011-12-23 Calixte DENIZET XML: rename xmlClose in xmlDelete and xmlGetOpenStreams... 36/5736/2
2011-11-17 Calixte DENIZET XML: Add a function xmlSetAttributes which can set... 08/5408/3
2011-11-17 Calixte DENIZET XML: Add a xmlRemove function to detach and remove... 80/5380/10
2011-11-09 Calixte DENIZET XML: Add two functions to convert the result of a XPath... 67/5367/7
2011-11-07 Calixte DENIZET Wish 10187 fulfilled: Add a function to test the existe... 40/5340/2
2011-10-11 Bruno JOFRET [XML] pvApiCtx should be forwarded outside gateways. 07/5207/2
2011-09-02 Calixte DENIZET XML: Add the possibility to validate a document in... 23/4823/5
2011-08-30 Calixte DENIZET XML: add insertion functions and creation ones 40/4740/9
2011-08-30 Allan CORNET build on windows + module dynamically loaded 49/4749/3
2011-08-12 Calixte DENIZET XML: data extraction near the end 04/4704/2
2011-08-10 Calixte DENIZET Add module xml 91/4691/2