auto-indent with bugs
[scilab.git] / scilab / modules / xpad / src / java / org / scilab / modules / xpad / style /
2009-09-21 Sylvestre Koumar auto-indent with bugs
2009-09-21 Allan SIMON Merge branch 'master' of
2009-09-21 Allan SIMON now prompt if trying to overwrite a file, change title...
2009-09-20 Sylvestre Koumar new indent function
2009-09-17 Allan SIMON improved undo/redo , able to load xpad command into...
2009-09-17 Sylvestre Koumar correction 3 for indentation by selection
2009-09-17 Sylvestre Koumar correction 2 ofr indentation by selection
2009-09-17 Sylvestre Koumar correction for indentation by selection
2009-09-16 Sylvestre Koumar indentation by selection
2009-09-15 Allan SIMON added warning message when trying to close with unsaved...
2009-09-14 Sylvestre Koumar colorisation while we type text is no more slow, we...
2009-09-09 Allan SIMON added select lines scope feature to find&replace
2009-09-07 Allan SIMON Added Replace/Find features
2009-09-07 Allan SIMON Merge branch 'Xpad' of into...
2009-09-07 Sylvestre Koumar Xpad clean version
2009-09-07 Sylvestre Koumar good caret position for indentAction
2009-09-05 Sylvestre Koumar comment & uncomment actions for Xpad
2009-09-04 Sylvestre Koumar Xpad indentation is now working fine
2009-09-04 Sylvestre Koumar indentation with first line bug
2009-09-04 Allan SIMON added improved search functions
2009-09-04 Bruno JOFRET No more match EOL within comments
2009-09-04 Sylvestre Koumar indentation test for select case
2009-09-04 Sylvestre Koumar indentation for xpad - beta version
2009-09-02 Bruno JOFRET Disable updaters for faster indentation and coloration
2009-09-02 Sylvestre KOUMAR Auto-indentation for xpad
2009-09-02 Sylvestre KOUMAR Indentation for Xpad (problem with comments and quotat...
2009-09-01 Sylvestre KOUMAR Syntactic colorization for Xpad
2009-08-31 Allan SIMON add configuration file and user styles management
2009-08-28 Sylvestre KOUMAR test version for indentation
2009-08-27 Sylvestre KOUMAR unused import removed in
2009-08-27 Sylvestre KOUMAR Syntactic colorization for Xpad updated, should work...
2009-08-25 Allan CORNET add NULL @ end of char array (swig)
2009-08-25 Sylvestre KOUMAR getting Scilab keyword
2009-08-05 Bruno JOFRET better string detection
2009-08-04 Bruno JOFRET speed up colorize action
2009-07-30 Bruno JOFRET StyleDocument to manage Coloration