Update of the test
[scilab.git] / scilab / scripts /
2006-11-20 Pierre Marechal Fix bug 2214
2006-10-24 Sylvestre Ledru New scilab startup script (alpha version)
2006-10-12 Jean-baptiste Silvy Correct bug 872 for Linux version.
2006-09-09 Allan Cornet Reorganization
2006-07-24 Allan Cornet rename scilab.star --> scilab.start
2006-07-11 Allan Cornet update scilab -nogui (linux)
2006-06-06 Allan Cornet Reorganization (Scilab 5)
2006-06-03 Allan Cornet reorganization (update linux)
2006-06-03 Allan Cornet reorganization
2005-06-21 Serge Steer help rewritten, mem handled
2005-06-21 Pierre Marechal - Management of LD_LIBRARY_PATH
2005-05-27 Jean-philippe Chan... & removed to make pvm_spawn corectly work !
2005-05-19 Fabrice Leray fix bug 1393 for automatical exstension for PPM export
2005-04-15 Jean-philippe Chan... font option added
2005-02-09 Allan Cornet move Printer and Version environment variables from...
2004-11-30 Pierre Marechal dirs $SCI/bin and $SCI/libs are in header of LD_LIBRARY...
2004-10-21 Jean-philippe Chan... for Debian packaging
2004-10-17 Enrico Segre solves bug #591, and additionally (dunno if ever report...
2004-09-13 Serge Steer to add scidir/bin and scidir/libs in LD_LIBRARY_PATH...
2003-10-17 Serge Steer not to execute scilab in background for texmacs
2003-09-24 Serge Steer update do_help definition
2003-09-24 Serge Steer To have scilab running in the background even if option...
2003-08-25 Scilab gtk and texmacs
2003-03-10 Serge Steer -args arguments handling omitted
2003-01-22 Serge Steer suppression de la prise en compte d'une eventuelle...
2003-01-06 Serge Steer pour texmacs
2002-09-23 Jean-philippe Chan... removed
2002-09-13 Jean-philippe Chan... un e qui traine
2002-09-09 Jean-philippe Chan... updates
2002-07-23 Jean-philippe Chan... gtk
2002-07-22 Jean-philippe Chan... geci removed
2002-07-22 Jean-philippe Chan... geci removed
2002-07-12 Serge Steer merge version educ nat
2002-07-11 Jean-philippe Chan... removed
2002-07-11 Jean-philippe Chan... nwni
2002-07-08 Jean-philippe Chan... updates cygwin
2002-07-05 Jean-philippe Chan... nwni == nw on unix
2002-07-05 Jean-philippe Chan... updated
2002-06-11 Jean-philippe Chan... removing generated file
2002-05-10 Jean-philippe Chan... rajout de quotes
2002-03-18 Serge Steer modif Jean-Sebastien Roy pour FreeBSD
2001-10-17 Jean-philippe Chan... -e added and tty block corrected
2001-08-02 Jean-philippe Chan... added for launching scilab gtk
2001-04-26 Scilab Initial revision