Update ignored message for Windows after update to JoGL 2.2.4
[scilab.git] / scilab / tools / Dumpexts /
2014-09-03 Antoine ELIAS update dumpexts to remote Intel C++/Fortran 14 strange... 48/15148/1
2013-07-02 Antoine ELIAS update vcxproj to VS2012 72/11872/1
2013-07-02 Antoine ELIAS Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into vs2012 71/11871/1
2013-06-11 Sylvestre Ledru Massive indent of all codes: 81/11681/2
2012-11-24 Antoine ELIAS fix trouble in dumpexts utility 64/9764/3
2011-10-07 Allan CORNET cleaning vcxproj leave to use default compilers options 69/5169/2
2011-09-09 Allan CORNET warnings visual + intel (all warnings mode) tools... 19/4919/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET /MP (Build with Multiple Processes) 01/3301/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET Bye Bye VS2008, Welcome VS 2010 85/3285/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET add .filters files extension required with VS 2010 75/3275/2
2011-03-04 Allan CORNET import VS 2010 Express (f2c) BUILD OK 09/3209/2
2010-05-21 Allan CORNET build scilab x64 with VS 2010 (compatibility) 10/710/2
2010-05-20 Allan CORNET remove warnings about VCWebServiceProxyGeneratorTool... 93/693/1
2010-05-19 Allan CORNET set output directory and intermediate directory values... 45/645/2
2010-04-21 Allan CORNET split tasks (required by VS 2010) 83/183/2
2010-02-18 Allan CORNET force UTF-8 encoding for vcproj
2010-02-17 Allan CORNET fix dumpexts
2010-01-26 Allan CORNET remove /ARCH:IA32 limitation
2009-11-03 Allan CORNET bug 5155 - scilab windows with old CPUs
2009-10-16 Allan CORNET jvm_options.xml moved
2009-08-07 Allan CORNET move to UTF-8 format
2009-01-19 Allan CORNET bug 3909 (x64 windows)
2008-11-27 Allan CORNET fix wrong symbol on x64
2008-11-24 Allan CORNET bug 3789
2008-08-29 Allan Cornet add stach.h.vc + svn-ignore on stack.h
2008-08-11 Allan Cornet classpath.xml.vc
2008-07-28 Allan Cornet update helptools vs project
2008-07-23 Allan Cornet add a .vc rule about jvm_options.xml
2008-03-17 Allan Cornet remove TargetFrameworkVersion="131072"
2008-03-17 Allan Cornet Migrate VS 2005 to VS 2008 solutions
2008-03-15 Allan Cornet SSE not used with x64
2008-03-06 Allan Cornet Add x64 configuration for VS Pro & Express
2008-03-05 Allan Cornet disable /Wp64 deprecated on VS 2008
2008-02-04 Allan Cornet add scicos_blocks projects (C part)
2008-02-03 Allan Cornet build scilab
2008-01-22 Allan Cornet force to build without dependency on .NET Framework
2008-01-09 Allan Cornet rename VS-2005-settings to Visual-Studio-settings
2008-01-06 Allan Cornet update to build Scilab on Windows
2007-10-26 Allan Cornet update (WIN64)
2007-10-25 Allan Cornet fix warning WIN64
2007-10-24 Allan Cornet to be compatible with x64 dll PE32+ format
2007-09-05 Allan Cornet Detect 64-bit Portability Issues (Windows)
2007-09-05 Allan Cornet warnings
2007-09-05 Allan Cornet Detect 64-bit Portability Issues
2007-08-20 Allan Cornet copy xmlfiletohml.sci.vc to xmlfiletohml.sci
2007-08-10 Allan Cornet rename xmltohtml.sci to xmltohtml.sci.vc
2007-08-07 Allan Cornet add "windows_tools" module
2007-07-26 Allan Cornet changes renameheaders.rules by rename-vc-files.rules
2007-07-26 Allan Cornet changes renameheaders.rules by rename-vc-files.rules
2006-12-09 Allan Cornet Update projects to work with Purify 7.0 (Debug configur...
2006-09-30 Allan Cornet replace configheaders.bat by a vs rule --> renameheader...
2006-08-21 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2006-07-21 Allan Cornet Reorganization