Small error fixed
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2005-02-03 Enrico Segre v3.24, 3 bugs fixed (see CHANGELOG)
2005-02-03 Enrico Segre v3.24, 3 bugs fixed (see CHANGELOG)
2005-02-03 Stephane Mottelet Optimization of facet_facing_rear function. Reindent...
2005-02-03 Allan Cornet Correction Bug xgetmouse (Ramine)
2005-02-03 Francois Delebecque empty A => dim=0
2005-02-03 Stephane Mottelet Conflicting macro with the "delete" primitive.
2005-02-03 Pierre Marechal Small error fixed
2005-02-02 Stephane Mottelet Bug fix in the shade() function : the contour of a...
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray little modif on mlark size for square and circle marks
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray improve linespec management
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray add new marks support
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray just re-indent all
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray re-indent all
2005-02-02 Serge Steer bug in previous modification in case roots are not...
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray add new marks (drawn marks)
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray improve markforeground/background management
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray default mark_size is 4
2005-02-02 Fabrice Leray Fix | -> replaced by ||
2005-02-02 Stephane Mottelet Modification in the "shade" function : take into accoun...
2005-02-01 Serge Steer bug 1180 fix
2005-02-01 Serge Steer erroneous function name
2005-02-01 Serge Steer %c_c_cblock.sci not used
2005-02-01 Serge Steer unused file
2005-02-01 Serge Steer not referenced in the makefile
2005-02-01 Serge Steer to avoid breakpoints handling when compiling
2005-02-01 Serge Steer erroneous called function name : bug 1168
2005-02-01 Serge Steer to preserve wmac pointer to breakpoints table each...
2005-02-01 Stephane Mottelet Add the definition of the "PLOTLIB" variable, which...
2005-02-01 Stephane Mottelet Modifications to take in account more features of the...
2005-02-01 Ramine Nikoukhah remove dstate inutile
2005-02-01 Ramine Nikoukhah discrete state in case of type 5 blocks
2005-02-01 Stephane Mottelet Further improvements in the rendering of Fac3d entities.
2005-01-31 Serge Steer bug handling jroot at return time
2005-01-30 Francois Vogel Bug 1187 fixed - negative or non integer breakpoint...
2005-01-28 Allan Cornet setenv correction pour solaris et windows
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray F.Leray
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray improve marks support
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray add surface_mode adn remove some set to mark_mode on...
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray add marks support for 3d objects
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray add support for mark_foreground and mark_background...
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray add setIsMark and SetIsLine
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray add surface_mode in sciType
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray extend marks to several objects
2005-01-28 Fabrice Leray extend marks to several objects
2005-01-28 Allan Cornet Correction Setenv for SUN and HP
2005-01-27 Francois Vogel Scipad 3.23 - Bug correction (Ctrl-x was not disabled...
2005-01-27 Allan Cornet add -NDEBUG if scilab isn't in debug mode
2005-01-27 Enrico Segre v3.22: menu entry "open function source", keywords...
2005-01-27 Allan Cornet Add -DWITH_ATLAS when you compile with Atlas library...
2005-01-27 Enrico Segre warning and empty result if the source file is not...
2005-01-26 Francois Vogel Scipad 3.21 - Buffer locked during debug
2005-01-26 Stephane Mottelet Improvements of the interoperability with the new graphics
2005-01-26 Stephane Mottelet Improvement of facet orientation detection for quadrila...
2005-01-26 Enrico Segre addendum v3.20 "The file $file is already opened"
2005-01-26 Stephane Mottelet Improvement of facet orientation detection for quadrila...
2005-01-26 Serge Steer bug 1182 fix
2005-01-26 Enrico Segre v3.20: click to open source of library functions referenced
2005-01-26 Allan Cornet Correction Menu Langue (global LANGUAGE)
2005-01-26 Jean-philippe Chan... semptyPos first argument cannot be verbose !
2005-01-26 Allan Cornet getcwd on windows returns current path but with "short...
2005-01-25 Allan Cornet Correction long path with space for windows
2005-01-25 Bruno Pincon correction of pbs coming from xstringl last modif
2005-01-24 Enrico Segre v3.19: dynamic keywords (libfun ...
2005-01-21 Fabrice Leray add mark support + line_mode
2005-01-21 Fabrice Leray remove duplicated declaration
2005-01-21 Fabrice Leray Add functions for mark + line drawing support (at the...
2005-01-21 Fabrice Leray Add mark + line drawing support (at the same time)...
2005-01-21 Fabrice Leray Add graphic context to Legend object to deal with line...
2005-01-21 Serge Steer to be able to enter pause level while in mode(7)
2005-01-21 Serge Steer // in a string within a function was not well handled
2005-01-20 Francois Vogel V. 3.18: Added accelerator name in watch window button...
2005-01-20 Serge Steer bug handling mode(..) in compiled macros
2005-01-20 Ramine Nikoukhah azil
2005-01-20 Fabrice Leray fix bug -> repalce visible by immediate_drawing
2005-01-19 Francois Vogel Scipad 3.17
2005-01-19 Allan Cornet removed because not used
2005-01-19 Allan Cornet remove some functions not used or only for debug (not...
2005-01-19 Fabrice Leray fix bug 839
2005-01-19 Fabrice Leray remove aa
2005-01-18 Francois Vogel Bug 1172 correction: varargin argument missing when...
2005-01-18 Serge Steer a message added for bessel functions
2005-01-18 Ramine Nikoukhah bug with ordptr and ordclk corrected
2005-01-18 Fabrice Leray remove useless case for label foreground
2005-01-18 Fabrice Leray init of title,x/y/z_label based on title, x/y/z_labels...
2005-01-18 Fabrice Leray remove parasite line
2005-01-18 Enrico Segre forgotten at line 60
2005-01-18 Fabrice Leray add CheckLength in xstringl
2005-01-18 Fabrice Leray add font_id and font_size support for xstringl function
2005-01-17 Fabrice Leray add a (temporary) loader to generate the library
2005-01-17 Fabrice Leray comment load HighLevelPlotting
2005-01-17 Fabrice Leray load HighLevelPlotting lib
2005-01-17 Allan Cornet add sparse.c
2005-01-17 Allan Cornet setenv for HP and Solaris (not GCC)
2005-01-15 Allan Cornet add HighLevelPlotting for .NET project
2005-01-15 Allan Cornet add HighLevelPlotting for .NET project
2005-01-14 Jean-philippe Chan... Sparse.c
2005-01-14 Serge Steer Sparse.c added
2005-01-14 Fabrice Leray Add S. Mottelet plotting library.
2005-01-14 Fabrice Leray add HighLevelPlotting directory
2005-01-14 Jean-philippe Chan... force link of sparse routines