Release note of the 5.2.X updated
[scilab.git] / tests / demos /
2004-12-20 Serge Steer debug menu added in simulate
2004-04-23 Serge Steer demos.tst simplified (primitive overloading)
2004-04-02 Serge Steer Dont save added
2004-04-02 Serge Steer Small revisions
2004-04-02 Serge Steer files adapted to new demo organization
2003-01-29 Serge Steer ajout d'une nouvelle demo scicos
2003-01-21 Serge Steer devenue inutile
2003-01-21 Serge Steer fonction complexes
2003-01-21 Serge Steer pour effacer toutes les fenetres au debut de chaque...
2003-01-21 Serge Steer adaptation 2.7
2001-10-11 Serge Steer ajout de la demo sur le fonctions complexes
2001-04-26 Scilab Initial revision