Function to get screen size added
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2004-07-30 Serge Steer break.tst included in clause.tst
2004-07-28 Serge Steer Test for continue added in clause.tst break.tst copied...
2004-07-26 Serge Steer opcode.tst added
2004-07-26 Serge Steer test passing global variable as an argument added
2004-07-26 Serge Steer handling redefining function messages
2004-07-23 Vincent Couvert Nouvelle version compl´┐Żte
2004-06-15 Fabrice Leray *** empty log message ***
2004-06-10 Serge Steer ls variable renamed into ln to avoid name conflicts
2004-06-05 Allan Cornet Ajout du test 790 findobj
2004-06-04 Allan Cornet ajout test non reg 793
2004-05-13 Olivier HUYNH add testNonREg
2004-05-13 Olivier HUYNH *** empty log message ***
2004-05-04 Serge Steer extended test
2004-04-30 Serge Steer extended test
2004-04-26 Fabrice Leray Correct example for param3d_properties (see man)
2004-04-25 Allan Cornet auto.tst ...
2004-04-23 Serge Steer demos.tst simplified (primitive overloading)
2004-04-23 Allan Cornet correction F.Leray
2004-04-15 Claude Gomez A warning line was missing: "redefining function: testm...
2004-04-09 Serge Steer demos.tst
2004-04-07 Serge Steer One more warning
2004-04-02 Serge Steer scicos.tst updated
2004-04-02 Serge Steer Dont save added
2004-04-02 Serge Steer To pass all the demos not only the eighth
2004-04-02 Serge Steer Small revisions
2004-04-02 Serge Steer files adapted to new demo organization
2004-03-30 Francois Delebecque rm trailing addinter.o .lo
2004-03-26 Fabrice Leray Comment on example // ../man/eng/graphics/legends.xml...
2004-03-25 Fabrice Leray Remove surface_color parameter in SCI_SURFACE object...
2004-03-23 Allan Cornet correction grid (fabrice)
2004-03-18 Vincent Couvert struct test added
2004-03-12 Serge Steer Scicos blocks library reorganized
2004-03-09 Vincent Couvert test extented with intertion in structs
2004-03-08 Serge Steer No Vincent it was OK!
2004-03-08 Serge Steer extented
2004-03-04 Allan Cornet correction samplef et mise en commentaire de samwr
2004-03-03 Fabrice Leray Pb unresolved when switching between 2d view to 3dview...
2004-02-24 Vincent Couvert one test for struct commented because not exist in...
2004-02-17 Serge Steer test extented with intertion in structs
2004-02-17 Fabrice Leray Correction to pass the test
2004-02-14 Allan Cornet Correction dans
2004-02-14 Allan Cornet Correction dans
2004-02-06 Jean-philippe Chan... clean added
2004-01-20 Olivier HUYNH copy links.dia into links.dia.ref , Test Failed resolved
2004-01-14 Serge Steer update
2004-01-14 Serge Steer beta canged to Beta to avoid conflict whiht new beta...
2003-12-12 Serge Steer little changes due to diary modification
2003-12-12 Serge Steer new warning in \
2003-11-25 Serge Steer fptr test addition
2003-11-19 Serge Steer test bugs fixed
2003-11-07 Serge Steer adapation to new insertion algorithm
2003-09-05 Serge Steer to add parse.tst and make tests more gradual
2003-09-05 Serge Steer added to check modif for new assignment
2003-08-27 Scilab for additional tests (max,min)
2003-03-10 Ramine Nikoukhah *** empty log message ***
2003-02-12 Claude Gomez CLG: Windows Release
2003-02-05 Serge Steer mise a jour
2003-02-03 Serge Steer mise a jour
2003-01-31 Serge Steer mise a jour
2003-01-31 Serge Steer mise a jour
2003-01-30 Serge Steer pour link sur peace JPC
2003-01-30 Serge Steer relaxation de tolerence pour solaris
2003-01-29 Serge Steer relaxation de tolerance pour windows
2003-01-29 Serge Steer ajout d'une nouvelle demo scicos
2003-01-29 Serge Steer relaxation de tolerances pour DEC
2003-01-28 Serge Steer mise a jour
2003-01-28 Serge Steer coquillle dans l'exemple de drawnow
2003-01-28 Serge Steer nouvelle version
2003-01-27 Serge Steer suppression de tcl
2003-01-27 Serge Steer pb de precision
2003-01-24 Serge Steer modif du test de timer
2003-01-24 Serge Steer mise a jour
2003-01-22 Serge Steer suite a la modif de gen_graph
2003-01-21 Serge Steer devenue inutile
2003-01-21 Serge Steer suppression de pvm qui ne marche pas en batch
2003-01-21 Serge Steer ajout d'une demo
2003-01-21 Serge Steer fonction complexes
2003-01-21 Serge Steer pour effacer toutes les fenetres au debut de chaque...
2003-01-21 Serge Steer ajout de test de scicos RD
2003-01-21 Serge Steer adaptation 2.7
2003-01-20 Serge Steer ajout
2003-01-20 Serge Steer remplacement de examples.tst par examples_eng.tst...
2003-01-20 Serge Steer remplacement de examples.tst par examples_eng.tst...
2003-01-20 Serge Steer mise a jour
2003-01-17 Serge Steer relaxation des tolerances
2002-12-13 Jean-philippe Chan... improved tests
2002-12-12 Serge Steer ajout du type handle
2002-12-11 Jean-philippe Chan... update
2002-11-19 Serge Steer adaptation pour le format xml
2002-09-02 Jean-philippe Chan... update
2002-08-29 Jean-philippe Chan... update
2002-07-31 Jean-philippe Chan... scilex->scilab
2002-07-29 Jean-philippe Chan... update
2002-07-25 Jean-philippe Chan... rajouts ...
2002-07-12 Serge Steer merge version educ nat
2002-07-09 Serge Steer warning du a l'ajout de la detection de singularite...
2002-07-08 Jean-philippe Chan... updates cygwin
2002-06-25 Jean-philippe Chan... ....
2002-06-17 Jean-philippe Chan... basiclink added
2002-06-17 Jean-philippe Chan... added