2004-09-23 Francois Delebecque rm fort dir
2004-09-23 Francois Delebecque updt
2004-09-23 Francois Delebecque new
2004-09-23 Francois Delebecque *** empty log message ***
2004-09-23 Serge Steer GetCommand returns an int now
2004-09-22 Allan Cornet modifications winopen (message d'erreur au lieu d'une...
2004-09-22 Serge Steer Xaw3 library source code added
2004-09-22 Serge Steer to make OCAMLTARGET defined in all cases
2004-09-22 Serge Steer bug 994 fix
2004-09-21 Jean-philippe... copyright lost when extracted ....
2004-09-21 Jean-philippe... xsltproc bug inserted by previous changes
2004-09-21 Ramine Nikoukhah to use scilab variables defined in context in scifunc
2004-09-21 Serge Steer LhsVar(0)=0 replaced by LhsVar(1)=0 in intPlaysound
2004-09-21 Jean-philippe... .h added
2004-09-21 Serge Steer sync option added, examples revisited
2004-09-21 Jean-philippe... added function in windows
2004-09-20 Enrico Segre bug 990 corrected [trivial: stdev(x,orien) instead...
2004-09-20 Fabrice Leray Correct bug with winsid; syntax error : GetDriverId...
2004-09-20 Jean-philippe... removing test menu
2004-09-20 Jean-philippe... GdkScreen just for gtk release 2
2004-09-20 Serge Steer link to scicos renamed
2004-09-19 Allan Cornet Optimisation de la version Makefile (Windows) Mode...
2004-09-18 Allan Cornet correction detection ocaml build (getversion)
2004-09-17 Allan Cornet Mise a jour projet Visual suite � modification parse...
2004-09-16 Serge Steer parse.f and run.f translated in C
2004-09-16 Serge Steer tentative to use ScilabEval with sync and other option...
2004-09-16 Serge Steer html generator selection moved to xmlfiletohtml
2004-09-16 Serge Steer modifications for IA64 and html generator selection...
2004-09-16 Serge Steer *** empty log message ***
2004-09-16 Serge Steer for compatiblity with new graphic
2004-09-16 Serge Steer -Wall removed because it is not standard
2004-09-16 Serge Steer name changes in C version of fortran stack commons
2004-09-16 Serge Steer parse and run rewritten in C to allow recursion for...
2004-09-16 Serge Steer ScilabEval sync mode improved
2004-09-16 Serge Steer commented out instructions removed
2004-09-16 Serge Steer bug fix in overloaded load (graphic handle case)
2004-09-16 Serge Steer bug 984 fix
2004-09-15 Serge Steer %h_load and %h_save added to be able to save graphic...
2004-09-15 Serge Steer improved description examples and references added
2004-09-13 Vincent Couvert Bug 979: "comment" replaced by "%comment" to avoid...
2004-09-13 Pierre Marechal Pierre : previous version canceled
2004-09-13 Serge Steer to add scidir/bin and scidir/libs in LD_LIBRARY_PATH...
2004-09-13 Pierre Marechal Pierre : SCIBASE build with Version.incl
2004-09-13 Vincent Couvert Bug 979: "comment" replaced by "%comment" to avoid...
2004-09-13 Allan Cornet man getos
2004-09-12 Allan Cornet introduction de la primitive getos
2004-09-10 Vincent Couvert L.262 modified so that help browser is deiconified...
2004-09-10 Allan Cornet Interface DDE mise a jour
2004-09-10 Vincent Couvert Some new functions added
2004-09-10 Vincent Couvert sci_log10 added
2004-09-10 Vincent Couvert Initial revision
2004-09-10 Vincent Couvert Bug 973
2004-09-10 Vincent Couvert No more needed mgetl is now used
2004-09-10 Vincent Couvert Description of useful functions added
2004-09-10 Serge Steer Handles where not properly copied in the Scilab stack...
2004-09-09 Allan Cornet Ajout support Pentium IV E (Prescott)
2004-09-08 Allan Cornet ajout PIV modele 3
2004-09-07 Allan Cornet correction pour Windows au cas ou les chemins sont...
2004-09-07 Olivier HUYNH man example make file
2004-09-06 Vincent Couvert Bug in RecLevel value (bug 956 fixed)
2004-09-06 Vincent Couvert Radio button modified automatically when selecting...
2004-09-06 Vincent Couvert Bug when converting a directory from m2sci_gui fixed
2004-09-06 Vincent Couvert FocusIn binding added for FileName and DirName text...
2004-09-06 Vincent Couvert Bug with blankspaces fixed
2004-09-05 Allan Cornet correction ddeclose
2004-09-05 Allan Cornet primitive sleep comme xpause
2004-09-04 Allan Cornet Introduction pour windows des primitives ddeopen,ddeclo...
2004-09-03 Allan Cornet correction faute de frappe = pour ==
2004-09-03 Serge Steer Makefile syntax was not standard (solaris)
2004-09-03 Olivier HUYNH updated for solaris compilation
2004-09-02 Allan Cornet macro copyfile
2004-09-02 Fabrice Leray Add 2 sub routines inspired from sciGUI.
2004-09-02 Fabrice Leray Add sciGUI management for editing data
2004-09-02 Serge Steer blanks replaced by TAB
2004-09-02 Serge Steer TK stuff problems
2004-09-02 Fabrice Leray Replace // by /* */
2004-09-02 Allan Cornet correction retour chariot fin de fichier
2004-09-02 Allan Cornet correction pour compilation avec Compilateur Intel...
2004-09-02 Fabrice Leray Correct set and get data for polyline case
2004-09-02 Serge Steer WITH_TK used not to reference TK stuff when tk support...
2004-09-02 Allan Cornet meilleure gestion msg erreurs pour mkdir & rmdir
2004-09-02 Allan Cornet macro rmdir correction+man
2004-09-02 Allan Cornet macro rmdir correction
2004-09-01 Allan Cornet rmdir, mkdir macros
2004-09-01 Allan Cornet rmdir macro
2004-09-01 Allan Cornet Correction pour nom long windows
2004-09-01 Allan Cornet macro mkdir (Matlab 6.5) + man
2004-08-31 Allan Cornet Introduction du rendu dans une fenetre TK (Windows)
2004-08-31 Allan Cornet Corrections Warning (Windows)
2004-08-31 Allan Cornet man datenum et calendar
2004-08-31 Allan Cornet man datevec
2004-08-31 Allan Cornet Ajout des macros calendar et datevec
2004-08-30 Allan Cornet Ajout macro datenum
2004-08-30 Fabrice Leray Remove useless datastring var
2004-08-30 Fabrice Leray Simplify sci2exp calls.
2004-08-30 Fabrice Leray Add Scilab Command Interface
2004-08-30 Fabrice Leray simplify sci2exp call
2004-08-30 Serge Steer for test output in tk canvas
2004-08-27 Serge Steer to handle synchronous evaluation of ScilabEval
2004-08-27 Allan Cornet mise a jour projet VC