2004-07-09 Allan Cornet version post 3.0 CVS
2004-07-09 Allan Cornet Scipad 3.1
2004-07-09 Olivier HUYNH update README_Unix
2004-07-09 Olivier HUYNH update %h_p.sci
2004-07-09 Olivier HUYNH bug in global area reallocation when creating a new...
2004-07-09 Olivier HUYNH patch pour mac OSX (darwin) (jpc)
2004-07-09 Olivier HUYNH patch for Mac OSX (darwin) (jpc)
2004-07-09 Olivier HUYNH gtksci/menus.c graphics/Entities.c xsci/jpc_SGraph...
2004-07-08 Olivier HUYNH remove color_list.htm
2004-07-08 Olivier HUYNH add color_list.htm
2004-07-07 Olivier HUYNH a
2004-07-07 Jean-philippe... Tape_Replay1 version derecursive
2004-07-07 Allan Cornet Scipad sans debug mode
2004-07-07 Claude Gomez Bug added when fixing the problem of cutting expression...
2004-07-07 Serge Steer time step increased to avoid too many records in scope...
2004-07-07 Fabrice Leray Correction bug synchro tk
2004-07-07 Serge Steer Not to execute Scilab callbacks when compiling macro
2004-07-07 Claude Gomez Version number changed after fixing the bug appearing...
2004-07-07 Claude Gomez Example added for checking when cutting long expression...
2004-07-07 Claude Gomez Bug when cutting long sentences at a point (in a number...
2004-07-07 Vincent Couvert cd now exists in Scilab
2004-07-07 Fabrice Leray Add
2004-07-07 Vincent Couvert Wrong conversion for not-string input
2004-07-07 Vincent Couvert Wrong property infered
2004-07-07 Vincent Couvert sci_conv.sci added
2004-07-07 Vincent Couvert Modifications to get the same result as Matlab one...
2004-07-07 Serge Steer memory leaks fixed
2004-07-07 Claude Gomez Updated by English version.
2004-07-07 Allan Cornet Correction browser Scilab & changement de langue
2004-07-07 Serge Steer bug fix in case where file does not exist
2004-07-07 Serge Steer modif B Pincon for empty index handling
2004-07-07 Allan Cornet Correction Pour ancien browser Scilab
2004-07-07 Fabrice Leray Before release:
2004-07-07 Fabrice Leray Add to fr man (copy of eng man files)
2004-07-07 Fabrice Leray put forgotten curvis var -> tcl
2004-07-07 Allan Cornet baniere pour 3.0
2004-07-07 Allan Cornet Commentaires LCC
2004-07-06 Allan Cornet texte utilisation LCC
2004-07-06 Allan Cornet modifications storecommand (Windows)
2004-07-06 Allan Cornet Passage a Scilab 3.0
2004-07-06 Serge Steer bug 680 fix (B. Pincon)
2004-07-06 Serge Steer bug 652 fix (B. Pincon)
2004-07-06 Fabrice Leray Unimplemented case
2004-07-06 Fabrice Leray Nicer appearence
2004-07-06 Fabrice Leray Add margins, line_style and clip_state & clip_box fields
2004-07-06 Fabrice Leray Complete Axes properties -> tcl
2004-07-06 Vincent Couvert Line 80, wrong insertion
2004-07-06 Serge Steer undefined variable num
2004-07-06 Fabrice Leray Remove fill_mode field
2004-07-06 Claude Gomez Error message tcl and tk 8.0 replaced by 8.4.
2004-07-06 Claude Gomez Check if Sablotron is present and variable MANTARGET...
2004-07-06 Claude Gomez Added man target if Sablotron is present.
2004-07-06 Vincent Couvert Wrong characters inserted before accents
2004-07-06 Serge Steer examples adapted to new graphic B. Pincon
2004-07-06 Claude Gomez Now at least TCL and TK 8.4 are needed
2004-07-06 Fabrice Leray Remove last modif
2004-07-06 Serge Steer Addmenu instruction moved because it requires gc to...
2004-07-06 Fabrice Leray Remove test on clip_box dim to allow :
2004-07-06 Ramine Nikoukhah little bug
2004-07-06 Allan Cornet Correction Menu Edit fenetre graphique (francais)
2004-07-06 Serge Steer revised by B. Pincon
2004-07-06 Serge Steer xset('font',..) removed in examples (B. Pincon)
2004-07-06 Serge Steer background color set to white
2004-07-06 Fabrice Leray add error message for figure name
2004-07-05 Fabrice Leray correct 886 (pb. with figure_name buffer)
2004-07-05 Fabrice Leray Remove *255 multiplication (do it inside each .tcl...
2004-07-05 Fabrice Leray Remove *255 multiplication (do it inside each .tcl...
2004-07-05 Fabrice Leray figure case added.
2004-07-04 Allan Cornet Introduction (non activ�e) de la boite de dialogue...
2004-07-04 Allan Cornet "uniformisation" StoreCommand (windows,linux)
2004-07-04 Allan Cornet Ajout Menu "Browser Variables"
2004-07-04 Allan Cornet ajout du menu "Exit figure"
2004-07-04 Allan Cornet correction of correction bug 874 et tk_getfile('*....
2004-07-04 Allan Cornet correction bug 874 et tk_getfile('*.*','c:\\program...
2004-07-03 Allan Cornet Ajout au menu export des formats BMP & emf
2004-07-02 Fabrice Leray Hierarchical viewer first implementation
2004-07-01 Vincent Couvert Initial revision
2004-07-01 Vincent Couvert Some messages displayed only in debug mode
2004-07-01 Vincent Couvert Error in last commit
2004-07-01 Vincent Couvert Some new functions
2004-07-01 Vincent Couvert Initial revision
2004-07-01 Vincent Couvert mtlb_num2str.sci and mtlb_toeplitz.sci added
2004-07-01 Serge Steer bug for handle (bug 855) typeof.sci
2004-07-01 Fabrice Leray correct pixmap mode display when:
2004-07-01 Serge Steer OBJECTS changed in OBJS
2004-07-01 Serge Steer new version in html for scicos
2004-07-01 Serge Steer new version in html for scicos
2004-07-01 Serge Steer new version in html
2004-07-01 Vincent Couvert Initial revision
2004-07-01 Vincent Couvert Initial revision
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert Handling of %graphicswindow added
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert Improvements for %inf, : and $
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert Missing test for '--'
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert Initial revision
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert Comments updated
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert Useless lines were inserted in generated code
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert clf now exists in Scilab
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert No more used with new graphics
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert mtlb_ishold.sci removed
2004-06-30 Vincent Couvert Initial revision